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SEO Company kerala

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Our SEO process does not violate any laws or standard codes of ethics especially those set down by Google & other search engines

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Techpullers is the best SEO company in Kerala because we provide SEO services with complete transparency taking into account all 200 Google ranking factors, unlike other agencies that use outdated tactics.

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Data Analysis

We measure business metrics like traffic, bounce rate, leads, sales, etc to understand customers and optimize our strategies to improve output


SEO Company Kerala

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With an expert and dedicated team, Techpullers is an SEO company in Kerala, that has proven to be a perfect fit for various successful business partnership. At Techpullers we always put customer’s needs in priority. Having its roots in digital marketing, we provide a 360-degree solution to your marketing needs. With an array of services, Techpullers is your one-way ticket to digital marketing. Our specialized team who is always on-call will resolve any problem in the shortest time possible. We will help you win the battle of search engines. When you think SEO, think Techpullers.

Being in the digital space means you have to constantly update yourself. We are an extremely data-driven organisation, and every step of our strategy will be backed by data. If you are not on the first page of a search result, then you are practically invisible to the customers, as 75% of the business is fetched from the first page. As an SEO company, you need to have the skillsets to outwit the competitors to reach the top.


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To begin with, search engine optimization let us first talk about the search engines and search queries. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., are programs that search for and identifies the entries in a database that equate with the characters or phrases that the user specifies. When a person wants to find something online, he usually types a word or phrase in the search engines. This word or phrase is called the search query or “keywords in the SEO language”. The search engine then compares that particular query to the list of web pages in its index, picking out the best web pages most relevant to the search query to display in the search result. The goal of search engines is to provide the best results to the user.

The result page as you may have noticed can include local listings, items for sale, advertisements, images, maps, videos and more, apart from the links to websites. There are organic or unpaid results as well as paid results displayed when you search definite queries. The results that typically appear in the center area of the page are the organic results. The paid results or display advertisements on the page are separately displayed and labelled as ads. Websites cannot pay to make it in the organic listing.

So how can you improve your website’s chance to appear in the organic listing?

The primary goal of any search engine is to help people find what they are looking for. So if you could help search engines decide that your website is the right place the user is looking for when he types in a particular keyword, then you are in good condition. To present the best possible results the search engine looks out for as much information as possible about all websites. They consider words on your website’s pages and in the codes to get an understanding of your website. They also look out for all the links pointing to your site. Enhancing your site to get it appear in the organic results in called the search engine optimization or SEO.

How our SEO services help the search engines to find and understand your site?

From keyword research to setting up backlinks, we are your one-stop solution to get you top ranking in Google search. With us, a top performing SEO company in Kerala, you will always stay ahead of your competitors. And, we use on-page and off-page optimisation with SEO best practices. Moreover, finding relevant topics is another problematic task while making a name for your brand. Our website & SEO experts at Techpullers are specialized in analyzing the data to find the present trend and feed them to your audience. This way, you will be the first one to reach your customers with what they need.

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Our Leader

Aiswariya is our company’s CEO & co-founder and has contributed a lot to the digital marketing field by successfully taking thousands of websites to top positions. She has authored numerous digital marketing blogs that are followed by enthusiasts around the world. She has set a benchmark in the entire digital marketing world by formulating unique techniques and strategies.

She has spearheaded thousands of paid media campaigns and her passion to devise cutting edge strategies is fuelled by her love for marketing and sheer enthusiasm.

SEO Services Kerala

Understanding Our SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most effective way to drive organic traffic into your website. Since it is more about ranking top on search results and building a reputation online, SEO is a long term process. However, that should not stop you from exploring the most attractive feature of internet marketing. Our SEO process is based on the best tried and tested methods from the industry, which assures results. Therefore, it is our prime concern to help you understand our workflow and how it can produce effective results. 

SEO Company kerala
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Initial Site Analysis

As much as you want to know about your website, so do we. SEO experts at Techpullers conducts a thorough analysis of your website to find its strengths and weaknesses. Also, we will work with you to know more about your business, your competitors, and your audience. As this is the foundation of the entire SEO process, the more data we gather here, the easier we get to find promising results. We will also ask you to help us with the most relevant keywords for your business that your customers might be using to find you. However, if you don’t know the exact keywords to target, our friendly personnel will help you with that as well.

seo company kerala

Keyword Research

To increase reachability, you need to give your customers what they are looking for. And, SEO best practices ensure that your content has the right keywords and quality so that it can rank high in SERPs. Therefore, keyword research is the mightiest part of our SEO process. With the informative data from the initial site analysis and your insights, our strategists will use the best research tools to find the most relevant keywords for your website. However, the best keywords are the ones that have lower competition and higher traffic. Delivering content relevant to these keywords lets your page easily find its place on the top.

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On-Site Optimization

Finding the target keywords allows us to move to the next step in the process; upgrading your website pages. With all the details at hand, our SEO experts work collectively to deliver high-quality, optimized content for your website. We will also upgrade every aspect of your website from decluttering the homepage to adding attractive CTAs to engage your customers. Furthermore, we go up and beyond by optimizing the meta tags, page titles, and headings so that the keywords are visible to the search engine. Our SEO experts use the all-powerful Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools to analyze your website. It is a great way to understand the modified website from this perspective further. We will also submit the XML sitemap of your website so that the search engines can easily navigate through your website.

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Off-Site Optimization

On-site optimization is what ranks your website on the top of SERPs, but off-page or off-site optimization ensures that you stay on the top. The SEO process is a competitive field, and we ensure that your ranking stays on the top. We collaborate with influencers on social media and other relevant platforms to share your content and create strong backlinks as well. Our SEO personnel have the right expertise to get the job done to deliver backlinks to your website throughout the internet from authoritative websites. We create shareable content for your customers so that they can be your brand ambassadors. This way, it helps your website to establish authority on your niche on the internet. Therefore, search engines will rank your pages higher.

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Rinse and Repeat

Since SEO is a long term process and ever-changing, we have to experiment to find the right rhythm. With testing and tracking website data, including traffic details, our experts can make better decisions and tweak the strategy accordingly. Therefore, with this result-oriented approach to our SEO process, we can ensure the best outcome for our clients as well. Hence, we repeat the same process until we find the desired results.

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Testing and Tracking

A genuine SEO workflow is incomplete without this step. Our SEO analysts will monitor and track the traffic flow to your website and analyze it. As the algorithms change over time, it is critical that we always keep a tab on your website analytics. We collect valuable insights from the analytics data and therefore you can understand whether the strategy works or not.


SEO Reports

Every month, we will send you a detailed report that our team puts together to let you know how your website is performing. This SEO report will sum up the efforts we combined for your website. Also, it will be comprehensive of your keywords rankings, traffic details, and better strategy suggestions as well. Even though you are the owner of all your analytics account, our SEO experts can make the task even seamless with the SEO report so that you don’t have to study the raw data from analytics.

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Local vs National SEO

The idea behind local and national SEO is similar to regular SEO practice. However, with local and national SEO plans, we will optimize the content for a particular location. And as the name suggests, local SEO focuses on a specific area like Kochi or Trivandrum, whereas national SEO focuses on the competition all over a country, say India. 


Even though both services are location-oriented, local SEO is the one to go with if you are a location-based service. A local restaurant business is the best example of the type of companies that can earn revenue with local SEO. It is obvious that listing your restaurant in your local searches is more meaningful than ranking first for a national level keyword. And for the best part, the competition for local keywords are usually lower and hence lets you rank higher with little effort.


National SEO focuses on gathering attention throughout a country. Indian franchisees with services all around India can gain so much with national SEO as they get to rank higher for the corresponding keywords. This way, they can stay at the top of the competition and generate better revenue than its competitors. However, national-level keywords do have higher competition than local keywords as the first one is a larger market. But, our SEO strategists can deliver you results if that is what you are looking for.

Local Video SEO

More than 80% of your customers prefer videos over text. Therefore, videos are a great way to reach your target audience. And that is why video SEO is as significant as your website’s SEO practices. If your high-quality videos are engaging and informative for the customers yet if it does not reach them, there is no point in publishing it. Our experienced SEO analysts pull out unique tricks from their magic hat to ensure your videos’ visibility over the internet. Well, Youtube is a great place to start, but we will be optimizing your videos for maximum visibility and ranking on your website and social platforms as well. Plus, it will also increase the traffic to your website.

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Growing Business Since 2012

With a customer base spread across countries, Techpuller’s growth has been exponential since 2012. Providing a spectrum of services in digital marketing, we bring digital marketing services under one roof.



How long does it take to see the SEO results?

It usually takes 2 to 3 months for low competition keywords, and 4 to 5 months for high competition keywords to rank higher in the SERPs. Therefore, you cannot expect immediate results with SEO as it does take time. Our experts will lay out the best plan for an effective strategy in choosing the right keywords to creating backlinks to attain the quickest results.

What does the monthly SEO report have?

Keyword rankings, latest accomplishments, traffic analysis, recommendations, and our better efforts are the key points on our monthly SEO report. This report helps you understand how your website is performing on the internet with ease. This way, you won’t have to waste time studying the analytics tool.

Which search engines do you focus on?

Google is the face of the internet for nearly 90% of users. Therefore, Google should be our primary focus. But, following the SEO practices for Google lets you rank higher in Yahoo and Bing. And for better functionality, we will submit the XML sitemap to other search engines as well.

Do you assure results from the SEO process?

Guaranteeing results in an SEO process is meaningless as it is a long term process. Like any other SEO services in Kerala, we do not use false promises to find clients. However, that doesn’t mean that we do not deliver results. As search engines change their algorithm frequently to filter out the best on the internet, we have to upgrade as well.


Our comprehensive SEO packages starts at INR 10000/month. However, the rate purely depends upon the business sector, keyword difficulty and competitors.  We have the best personnel to take up your job and look after your SEO performance.  From understanding your business to finding the right keywords and campaign strategy, we will work closely with you. This way, we will ensure that our workflow never deviates from your vision.

If SEO is always changing, why should I invest in it?

SEO is a practice that aids the visibility and reachability of your website with search engines. The better you tune your website, the easier for the search engines to find you. When we say SEO is changing, only the methods or algorithms behind the search engines are the ones that evolve. However, the underlying philosophy to find the best content for a keyword always stays the same. whenever it happens.


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