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The Story Of Hathi Store

THE STORY OF Hathi Store - An Ecommerce SEO Success

Project Overview for Hathi Store

Since its founding in 2015, Hathi has dedicated itself to offering Middle Eastern women classic, eco-friendly clothing that effortlessly brings together elegance and utility. The brand carefully designs its prints to capture the spirit of the indigenous way of life, taking inspiration from the intricate structure of Indian workmanship. Based in Abu Dhabi, Hathi's designs are created by combining creativity and tradition in a way that ensures the highest quality requirements are met during the production process, which is carried out in India. With an emphasis on quality and simplicity, Hathi Store aims to rethink what it means to be a garment by providing an enthralling selection of hand-block-printed clothing that goes beyond style to make a genuine ethical statement.

Hathi Store proactively launched a strategic drive to strengthen its online presence and establish itself as a major player in the online apparel store industry, recognising the increasing trend of online shopping. Hathi Store enlisted the services of Techpullers to reinvent its marketing approach, with the main goals being to significantly boost website traffic, improve visibility in organic search results, and utilise the lead-generating capabilities of social media platforms. Working together, a customised digital solution that integrated Hathi Store's goals and unique brand identity was created. The expertise of Techpullers in digital marketing succeeded in boosting Hathi Store's growth and recognition within the industry. The redesigned strategy helped Hathi Store become more visible online and established it as a trustworthy supplier, which fueled its quick progress in the very competitive online fashion retail market.

Client Requirements

Despite considerable efforts, the Hathi Store website struggled to obtain online visibility and was unable to rank for competitive keywords. Moreover, the website's content was noticeably devoid of SEO optimisation, consequently losing significant chances to target relevant keywords and enhance organic results. Important on-page optimisation elements including the appropriate positioning of heading tags and H1 tags were also overlooked. As a result, the content lacked relevant keywords, which further decreased the website's exposure. There were no backlinks constructed to improve the page and domain authority, indicating a deficiency in off-page optimisation activities. The website was not properly optimising its meta description, which resulted in missed opportunities to improve search engine visibility and click-through rates.

The following were the main goals that Hathi Store identified:

Techpullers' Strategy for Hathi Store's Success

We carefully developed an ecommerce SEO strategy to satisfy Hathi Store's unique requirements to improve its online presence, standing, and recognition. Our group started working on a complete website transformation, carefully fine-tuning each element to make it compatible with search engine algorithms and user preferences. The strategy included:


User acquisition showed a varied distribution across channels in the first month of analysing Hathi Store's performance on Google Analytics. Paid social and organic social efforts delivered 2,147 and 1,025 users, respectively, while paid search dominated with 4,738 acquisitions, closely followed by cross-network activities at 2,397. Paid shopping ads, organic search, and direct search completed the acquisition techniques. Saudi Arabia led the demographics with 6,890 users, followed by Qatar with 2,240 and the UAE with 2,177, indicating the brand's increasing popularity and presence in the Middle East market.

Metrics on user engagement for the Hathi Store show a lot of interaction on different pages. The page featuring the Bianca Tier Ruffle Dress received the most views (8,785), while the one featuring the Newly Arrived received 1,993 views. Furthermore, the Balloon Sleeve Dress and Block Printed Dresses sites had 824 and 733 views, respectively, while the Maxi Dresses page garnered 1,841 views. With 730 views over the reporting period, the Sales page also attracted noteworthy engagement.


User Acquisition for the first month
User engagement for the first month
User demographics for the first month

User acquisition for the first month

User engagement for the first month

User demographics for the first month

Hathi Store has had considerable increase in user acquisition since November 2023 through a variety of methods, with paid search, social media, and organic efforts being the main drivers of this expansion. 5,062 people used paid search, 5,444 people used paid social, and 3,594 people used organic social. Paid shopping initiatives generated 1,358 new users, while direct and organic search techniques produced 2,750 and 785 users, respectively. With 25,562 views, the newly arriving page continued to be the most popular among users. The Bianca-tier-ruffle-dress page had 9,871 views, while the Ruffle-dress and Sale pages received 3,412 and 3,377 views, respectively. Based on an analysis of user demographics, the United States had the highest number of users (514), followed by Saudi Arabia (10,211), the United Arab Emirates (6,200), and Qatar (3,647). This indicates that Hathi Store is becoming more and more popular worldwide.

User acquisition November 2023 till date
User engagement November 2023 till date
User Demographics for the first three months

User acquisition November 2023 till date

User engagement November 2023 till date

User demographics November 2023 till date

Client Testimonial

Collaborating with Techpullers has been a pivotal step in Hathistore's online growth. Their adept handling of our SEO needs has significantly increased our visibility and traffic, crucial for our success in the competitive fashion market. The team at Techpullers is not only skilled but also deeply committed to delivering tangible results. I am immensely thankful for their contribution to Hathistore's digital success.

Meghna Mohandas

Owner, Hathistore

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