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Project Overview for Ozclean

Ozclean, a well-known brand in Queensland, Australia, has solidified its reputation as a reliable supplier of cleaning services by gaining extensive awareness through recommendations from satisfied customers. Ozclean has had to navigate its very low-tech strategy and minimal internet footprint despite competing in a crowded sector with formidable competition. Even with a strong track record and a devoted clientele, the business understood that it needed to adopt digital tactics to compete in a field characterised by quick technical developments and creative marketing techniques. Ozclean, which offers everything from bond cleaning to carpet and upholstery cleaning sought out Techpullers for a completely new and revamped digital marketing strategy. Through close collaboration, a customised digital solution was created that perfectly aligned with Ozclean's goals and unique brand identity. By utilising Techpullers' proficiency in digital marketing, Ozclean experienced notable expansion and increased awareness in the cleaning services sector. Ozclean's approach was redesigned to enhance its web presence and reinforce its reputation as a dependable service provider. This helped the company grow quickly in Australia's highly competitive cleaning services industry.

Client Requirements

Ozclean listed its main goals in order to improve its online visibility and broaden its customer base. Ozclean sought to expand its services outside of the local market in order to take advantage of new growth opportunities, all the while focusing on building a strong web presence in order to effectively compete in a competitive field. The company's digital strategy placed a high priority on using content optimisation and targeted SEO techniques to drive organic traffic to its website in order to meet these objectives. In order to draw in local clients looking for cleaning services, further efforts were made to rank highly in local and location-based search results, especially in important locations like Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. Ozclean sought to improve its competitiveness, expand its audience, and promote steady growth in the cleaning services sector through smart digital efforts. Ozclean, as part of their digital marketing strategy, wanted:

Techpullers' Unique Strategy for Ozclean

Ozclean's entry into the digital sphere was made amid a fiercely competitive market with unique challenges that required a customised strategy. Developing an existing solution proved to be difficult, requiring in-depth investigation and careful examination to formulate an effective strategy. Focused on improving Ozclean's online visibility, standing, and awareness, our team set out to carefully craft an SEO plan. This required a complete redesign of the website, with each component meticulously honed to match user preferences and search engine algorithms for maximum effectiveness and compatibility. This strategy included:


During the first three months, from March 2020 to June 2020, Ozclean's Google Analytics showed a detailed breakdown of different sources of traffic. Of particular note, the study turned up 32 examples of organic searches, indicating that people found the website by using search engine results. Furthermore, 304 direct searches denoted direct visits to the website, and 13 of these searches originated from social media platforms, highlighting the significance of social interaction. In addition, a noteworthy 292 referrals were detected, indicating users who were brought to Ozclean's platform by other means. User attributes also provided insight into the geographic distribution of website visits over the course of a longer nine-month period. Ozclean saw 976 users from Australia, which constituted a sizable portion of its user base. 391 users came from India and 78 users from the US.


User Acquisition for the first month

User acquisition for the first three months


User Acquisition for the first three months

User demographics for the first nine months


Ozclean's Google Analytics statistics for the first year, from March 2020 to March 2021, showed a notable amount of organic search traffic, with 1,377 occurrences showing people found the website through search engine results. Furthermore, 445 visits came from social media platforms and 1,627 from direct searches, underscoring the significance of social involvement in generating website traffic. In addition, 721 referrals were found, which indicates that users were sent to Ozclean's platform from outside sources. Targeted advertising initiatives resulting in 433 visits were also generated by paid search efforts. Analysing user characteristics throughout the course of the year showed that 1,813, or a significant portion of the user population, were from Australia. 622 users were from India, and 401 users were from the United States.

User Acquisition for the first year
User demographics for the first year

User acquisition for the first year

User demographics for the first year

2022 TO 2023

Examining the current data, which covers the years 2022 and 2023, 666 organic search occurrences are found, indicating that users found the website by way of search engine results. Furthermore, 708 visits are attributed to direct searches, highlighting the importance of direct interaction with the website. 245 visitors come from social media platforms, demonstrating the continued significance of social media in generating traffic. In addition, 46 referrals are noted, emphasising outside sources that point users to Ozclean's platform. Paid search campaigns also contribute, with 4 visits coming from focused advertising ads. Examining user characteristics over this time frame reveals a sizable user base, consisting of 654 users mostly from Australia, 232 users from India, and 304 users from the US.

User Acquisition for the first year
User demographics for the first year

User acquisition during 2022 to 2023

demographics 2022 to 2023

Client Testimonial

Techpullers has been a game-changer for Ozclean. Their expertise in SEO has not only enhanced our website's performance across Australia but also solidified our online presence in local searches. The results are evident in our improved rankings and increased traffic. I'm impressed with their strategic approach and consistent results. Techpullers is the go-to team for anyone looking to boost their digital footprint.

Prakash Moses

Owner, Ozclean

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