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Brilliant Interiors

THE STORY OF Brilliant Interiors

Project Overview for Brilliant Interiors

Leading the way in Kochi's ever-changing interior design scene, Brilliant Interiors skillfully combines cutting-edge technology, timeless tradition, and modern sophistication. Being one of the best design businesses in the city, they skillfully combine Kerala's rich cultural heritage with contemporary elements and concepts. Aware of how the internet world was changing, Brilliant Interiors set out on a strategic approach to strengthen its web presence and establish itself as one of Kochi's top interior design companies. Their main goals were to increase website traffic significantly, improve visibility in organic search results, and leverage Google's lead generation capabilities. To achieve these goals, Brilliant Interiors sought Techpullers' assistance for a thorough reworking of their marketing plan. Through this partnership, a customised digital solution was created and carefully designed to align with the goals and unique brand of Brilliant Interiors. Our expertise in digital marketing turned into a vital asset that allowed Brilliant Interiors to reach new heights and became a crucial ally in their pursuit of expansion and recognition in the sector. The redesigned approach improved Brilliant Interiors' internet visibility and established them as a reliable partner, which greatly aided in their impressive rise in the competitive field of interior design.

Client Requirements

The website had a lot of trouble being discovered online and didn't rank for any of the tough keywords it tried. The appropriate positioning of other heading tags and on-page features like H1 tags were disregarded, along with even the most fundamental optimisation techniques. Most importantly, very few essential keywords were used in the material, which reduced visibility even more. Furthermore, the website's accessibility and usability were compromised by the absence of mobile-friendly design elements and poor mobile optimisation. The situation was made worse by fundamental problems with the website, including noticeably sluggish loading times. Off-page optimization was equally neglected since no backlinks were built, which diminished the power of the page and domain. Furthermore, the Google My Business (GMB) profile was overlooked missing out on local search chances because it was not displayed in the map pack for primary searches. The main requirements of Brilliant Interiors included:

Techpuller’s Digital Marketing Strategy For Brilliant Interiors

We meticulously developed an SEO plan for Brilliant Interiors that was specifically adapted to meet their specific demands in order to support their main goals of increasing their online exposure, reputation, and brand awareness. Our group completely redesigned the website, carefully fine-tuning every element to satisfy search engine algorithms as well as human preferences. The strategy included:


During the first three months following the launch of the Brilliant Interiors website, our focus on organic search results produced encouraging numbers. A good amount of interest in our services was reflected in the 456 new organic searches we saw. Further encouraging data came from our user interaction metrics: 1,905 people expressed interest in finding the "best interior designer in Kerala." Examining user details, we found 315 individuals from India, 44 from the US, and 17 from the UAE, indicating an improved online presence.


User Acquisition for the first month

User acquisition for the first three months

User engagement for the first three months

User demographics for the first three months


The organic search results showed significant growth over the year, with 1,600 new queries adding to the upward trajectory. Increased user engagement coincided with this growth, as demonstrated by the 2,590 viewers who looked up terms like "interior designers in Kochi" and "interior designers in Kerala," suggesting that they were becoming more interested in the offered information. An examination of user attributes also showed a wider audience, with 972 users in India, 218 in the US, and 67 in the UAE, indicating a varied and widely distributed audience.

User Acquisition for the first three months
User Engagement for the first three months
User Demographics for the first three months

User acquisition for the first year

 User engagement for the first year

User demographics for the first year


Brilliant Interiors continues to maintain a strong internet presence as of the current date (2023–2024), with 322 organic searches, 321 direct searches, and 31 organic social searches. The numbers for user involvement are still impressive; 2,890 users expressed a particular interest in "interior designers in Kochi." With 739 users in India, 203 in the United States, and 40 in the United Arab Emirates, the user attributes statistics show that the audience is still worldwide.

User Acquisition for the first year
User Engagement for the first year
User Engagement for the first year

User acquisition for 2023 till the present

User engagement for 2023 till present

User demographics for 2023 till present

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