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Why Your Business Needs A Custom Web Design

Web design is the most important touchpoint for customers for businesses that are dependent upon online platforms. The design of the website plays a crucial role in attracting customers or compelling them to switch to an alternative website, which has a direct impact on the sales conversion rate. Studies have found that more than 94% of the visitors tend to form an opinion about the business in the first couple of seconds of entering a website. We are one of the best web design company kerala creating websites as per the specifications of our clients that will engage their target audience for long. Our web design company develops highly responsive and attractive designs to attract more organic traffic to the webpage. We started off as an SEO company in Kerala

At present, websites serve as the storefront of every brand as quite a portion of the business is done through online platforms. Our experts work tirelessly to pair the websites with effective marketing strategies so that they gain adequate visibility on the internet. We create tailor-made solutions for each of our clients so that they can get noticeable changes in sales conversion rates. Our team has the necessary knowledge and experience to create designs that perfectly suit the type and industry of every type of business. Our custom web design services will help you design a custom website with all kinds of necessary features.

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Certified professionals can provide you with the right quality of WordPress services. When you take the service from our reliable professionals, you can be rest assured that they are not the ones who have an ongoing list of the services for making your puzzle.Rather, we focus on implementing the right WordPress theme for the plug-in that will lead to the enhancement of the functionality of your site. Our experts can deliver the chosen theme to plugins that will be suitable for your brand.  

web design company cochin

Website Analysis

We are the leading market research professionals who have been striving over the years for providing the right website analysis along with the testing communities.  With our work, we can reflect the best strategies for the market as well as your competitors. The remarkable part is that we can give you a concise understanding of the market, the competitors as well as your customers. 

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Content writing

We understand that effective websites always require quality content for the representation of the brand message. We can offer you the content writing services that take into consideration the best possible ways of communicating the purpose of the site. For that, we write the content based on the research of the brand services purpose as well as the audience. 

We always review the competitors by analysing their weaknesses as well as core strength for identifying the best keywords and phrases. 

website design company cochin

Video Production

When you implement quality videos for your brand, you can be rest assured that the audience feels more attracted. Regardless of the niche service or product your company is based upon, the website gets attracted and starts engaging more with your custom designed website. So, the perfect video content we design will be delivering the message of the brand effectively. With our responsible teams, you can get the custom web design services that are inclusive of the scriptwriting, visuals, and voice. 

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Logo Design

Are you looking for the custom logo that will work fast? If yes, then it’s time to take our assistance. Our team excels in the creation of the stunningly original designs for you and your business to stand out of the competitors. We understand that building a solid business foundation accompanies the creation of the logo that will be inspirational.   

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If you want to start boosting the digital marketing opportunities of your brand, it’s worth boosting with the help of custom web design pricing as well as a tailored entity that will meet your demands.  That said, we can give you the best of hosting services that will ensure reliability and uptime along with improved SEO and site security.  Overall, you can get quality online performance. Our experts can also offer you reliable support in terms of customer service, unlimited bandwidth as well as storage. 

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E-commerce web design

We are an experienced team of e-commerce web designers who have the idea about value-based web development as well as digital technology.  Besides, we also have good knowledge about house selling goods and trade in general gets promoted with the E-Commerce website. In this regard, we always help the companies get online leads by ensuring the best practices in The E-Commerce web designing. 

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Website Maintenance

The high-end team facilities also come inclusive of providing you with the enterprise-grade anti-malware protection for the businesses . Endpoint detection along with the technology gives you security in terms of no malware entering your business website. The security that we offer along with the complete toolkit ensures that there are no chances of stealing company data.

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User-specific designs

Usually, you will get the recommendation of putting the requirement of the target audience first while you’re designing the website for you. In case you find that it becomes difficult for figuring out the required functionalities, it’s worth taking a consultation with the experienced developers. The benefit will be getting out of it is that they have good knowledge related to the development of the user-specific website designing. 

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CMS integration

Now we can work for the addition of the CMS capabilities to the custom web design by streamlining your content development as well as the website translation procedure.


We have the custom web design company that starts leveraging the plugin and implementing the advanced language technologies for the management of the multi-language sites within the CMS effortlessly. 

In this regard, we can always keep the content flexible while creating the custom eCommerce web design that will be making use of the reusable patterns as well as the components. 

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Responsive web design

It’s a well-known fact that the website holds quite a bigger picture when it comes to brand identity.  Apart from just owning the right website design that is attractive, you must get it responsive and optimised. In this regard, the professional team of experts at Techpullers can fit all the powerful business services with a beautiful looking and responsive website that will deliver the seamless online experience for the visitors. 

We can include the rightly implemented designs for opening doors for the thousands of leads.


Award-Winning Custom web
Design Company

There is a major problem in the marketing world today in the form that the small business owners do not have the proper understanding of the significance of having the custom website design. Again, there are entrepreneurs who tend to start disregarding the numerous benefits lying in terms of investing in the website because of the large custom web design based cost. It’s good to remember to never repeat such mistakes. Always you should put attention towards entrusting the custom-designed websites as well as development with our reliable team from “website design company kerala” Techpullers that will help you gain in multiple advantages.

Some of them are as follows:

• You will get the availability of the result-driven websites
• We implement the custom web solutions even for Enterprises, franchises, as well as the multiple location-based businesses
• You will get the affordable costs related to the custom web designs that we are implementing
• We always offer the Integrated digital marketing solutions that make your brand stand out
• Our experienced web designers and Developers will always give you the good quality accomplishment

How to build a better-converting website

Every single website on the internet is designed, keeping in mind specific business objectives in the form of Leads, sales, and engagement. But creating websites that will satisfy all the necessities of a web design company kerala is quite a demanding task unless the developers have adequate knowledge and experience in this field.

User-Specific Designs

It is always recommended to put the requirement of the target audience first while designing a website. If you find it difficult to figure out the required functionalities, then consult with an experienced developer who knows about developing user-specific websites. Designing websites for users is one of the most important principles that our team follows while developing a website from scratch.

Purpose-built websites

A perfectly designed website will contain attractive visual elements along with an intuitive interface. Bright colors and attractive design is necessary for engaging customers, but it must also contain functionalities that will serve the necessities of the target audience and also help in sales conversion. The website will continue to interact with the user for fulfilling the objectives of the brand.

Easily discoverable websites

Discoverability is one of the most important aspects of a website, and pages must be designed in a way so that customers can easily find it. Our design process begins with analyzing the visibility of search engines; we create web pages that contain relevant landing pages to keep the users engaged.

Developing a Strategy

Why web design matter?

As discussed above, websites are the most important touchpoints for companies, and it serves as a business tool for driving sales conversion. A properly designed website can completely transform the way businesses use to operate. Similarly, an outdated website that lacks modern features will not appeal to the customers.  Creating websites that will stand out from the crowd is quite a challenging task because consumers today are well aware of the latest features and usually have many expectations. It takes merely a few seconds to engage visitors to a website. Our company has more than a decade of experience in this industry and is known for creating websites that will surely exceed the expectations of the audience.

Our company follows a strategic approach of Web Design for planning, designing, developing, compiling outstanding websites that will deliver a flawless user experience. Our designs have proved to be the most effective in generating traffic with high sales conversion rate. Websites that look outdated and are unappealing find it hard to keep the audience engaged for long. Potential buyers leave the website without making an actual purchase, which affects the revenue earning capabilities of the brand. Website design is an essential component of running a successful and sustainable business today. We will help you with designing and developing a perfectly suited website for existing as well as new businesses with all kinds of custom features that will surely increase sales and leads.

Why does custom website design and Development prove to be the best?

When it comes to the crowded marketplace, the custom website design WordPress works as a key differentiator for the business. 

Again, the custom E-commerce web design allows the avoidance of unnecessary functionalities and bloatware that will otherwise cause slow load times.

At Techpullers, we give designs which you will be getting an effective site that is hard to replicate easily or legally. This is a benefit that you can get in the long run. We understand that around 94% of the first Impressions have a direct relation to the visual appeal and navigation of the website. With us, you can get the custom-designed website, and rest assured that the website becomes stunningly appealing for the visitors to the website.

Our Web Design Process​

We are a part of this industry for more than a decade now, and our team of expert developers and designers have fined tuned our approach for creating outstanding products. Our team is capable of creating websites for all kinds of imaginable industries with organizations located in all corners of the world.

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User Research and Discovery

The website designing process starts with a detailed evaluation of the client’s business. We prefer to speak in detail with all the involved stakeholders to have a comprehensive idea of the client’s vision and performance parameters. 

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Having a clear strategy for website design is essential to comply with the proposed content, features, and structures as per the business objectives. This is the stage of the project, where most of the high-level decisions are taken. 

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In this stage of the project, our data architects and designers come together to turn the strategies into blueprints of the actual website. Technical requirements and specifications are identified during this stage.

Developing a Strategy

Why invest in professional Website Design services​

We are one of the leading website design company kerala, in this industry known for our innovative and creative designs that bring out the true essence of your brand and help you in maximizing revenue and conversion rates for achieving your business goal.  It is always recommended to hire a professional web design kerala agency because today, the internet is filled with numerous websites. You will need to stand out of the crowd so that it makes a lasting impression on the minds of the consumer. Companies that have partnered with us have witnessed a significant rise in the revenue as we develop web pages that represent their brand along with their product or service. We have several award-winning products in our portfolio that speak of our capabilities.


Following are some of the features that we incorporate in our websites

  1. Customized layout
  2. Highly interactive user interface
  3. SEO optimized web pages
  4. Secured with HTTPS
  5. Professional designing

You can also choose to include additional functionalities by having a detailed discussion with our developers. Anything from databases, to e-commerce functionality, can be professionally integrated as per your requirement.

Professional Custom Website Design Solutions

It indeed takes around 0.05 seconds to capture the attention of the audience. Whenever you create a unique online experience for the page visitors, you can get the strength and brand reputation. The website serves as the backbone of the business. It is a supportive framework especially to work for digital marketing efforts. Also it works for grabbing the attention of online users and gives them the crystal clear idea about the offerings of your brand. So, they also get insight into the core values and the value propositions.Always go ahead with investing in a well designed responsive and informative web site that will help in the improvement of the success and profitability of the brand. At, Techpullers, we the best web design company in kerala professionals offer the professional custom website design for helping the expansion of the online reach of your brand.

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    Custom website designs or website template - which one works better?

    Do you require the website for the business that will give the online representation of the offerings? If yes, then it’s time to build the website and present it to the public. For building the website it becomes mandatory to consider the different choices.

    Custom website design - Pros and Cons

    The significant advantage of the custom web design comes with the fact that the website becomes unique. When you opt for these designs, you can rest assured about keeping a competitive edge over the competitors. It becomes crucial in the highly crowded space. There are custom-built sites that also tend to become SEO friendly rather than built-in templates. The custom website can not only add up to the exact business needs but will also give the opportunities for embedding the branding into it.


    On the other hand, it’s good to remember that the custom web design becomes a big problem when compared to the template. In this case, you have to go ahead with the process of the website building. For that, you can consider the professional service or take the assistance of the individual designers and developers. It takes a longer time as well as an effect on the development of the custom website design when compared to using that template. It is also a time-intensive affair that is quite complex.

    Website template - Pros and Cons

    Using the website templates from popular providers become competent when it comes to custom-built websites. These services also come with no fees later on when compared to some offer design procedures. When you implement the procedures for the custom designs, the time taken is also reduced when compared to coding. You will also get less cost on building the templates when compared to coding from scratch.

    Besides building, it takes the shortest time in the development cycle and isn’t that complicated. With this, you can get the job done even without less expertise in coding or designing tools. 


    The website templates are available online around the globe. So, there are other changes that businesses may also be using similar templates. Another major issue that comes up with it is the HTML template that isn’t built with the need for Search Engine Optimisation.

    At, Techpullers, web design company kerala excel in providing the custom designed websites for the business you hold. We can say that the custom design website we design provides a trustworthy digital presence for meeting with the business needs in terms of the quality, usability, as well as branding. You can get the custom web design kerala services that will give a positive impression on the page visitors.


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    Most Frequent Questions

    Techpullers, web design company Kerala, conducts meetings with the developers where we help them understand the designs and how we want the final output. This design to development meeting helps them to understand the design implementation. We also include the client in our meetings. With mutual discussion, every party is on the same page. Apart from this, we work with our developers from the start of the design process to track the development.

    Techpullers normally, custom design 4 to 12 website pages. We design the pages which play an important part in increasing the conversion rate. We design the pages useful for awareness like Homepage, Blog, and Resources pages. Then we design the interest pages like About us, Services, and Product pages. We also design the consideration pages like Case Studies, Projects, and Why Us? Page. We design Contact Us as well as the Cart Checkout page for e-commerce sites.

    At our web design company in Kochi, we proud ourselves by using only custom designs. We don’t use free templates. We use factors like trends, competitor analysis, best practices, and research to customize your website designs. To ensure that our clients like the designs, we present the design before starting coding. This way, the clients can easily give their opinion. Once the client is satisfied with the design, we start coding and building a custom website theme.

    There is no fixed price for website designing and development. The cost of designing and developing one site is different than the other. As we provide custom services, the charges mostly depend on the client’s needs. The price is based on the scope pricing—the normal cost of website redesigning range from 30K to 50K. You can also find out the estimate of price by using our cost calculator. You will find it on our website. If you have a well-defined scope, you can use it. If you want detailed pricing, you can place a request for our pricing sheet. There you will get a detailed price description.

    Again, there is no fixed time. The time for designing and developing one website is different from the other. The timeline mostly depends upon the client’s requirements and scope of the project. If the requirements are less, the project can be completed in a short period. Normally, it takes four weeks to 6 weeks to complete, end to end build a website project.

    Our Company is located in Kochi, Kerala. We have our headquarters in Kochi. Most of our employees are from Kochi as well. They work directly from the headquarters. Apart from this, we have employees who work from other states. Like, we have some employees who work remotely from Kolkata. Some of our employees also work from Bangalore.

    We maintain good relations with each client. Our top priority is to provide excellent services to our clients. To maintain this, a project manager is appointed for each client. There is a sub-team tailored to work under the project manager to deliver quality service. All the project needs are taken care of by the manager. Our managers communicate with our clients daily via email and phone to keep them updated and informed. In short, we always try to make time for our clients while simultaneously completing their projects.

    We do maintain good relations with our clients even after the project is completed. For this, we use two methods.

    Support: Techpullers provide support to keep the website up-to-date. We also provide support to back-up the website and keep it secure and fast. We also assist with reactive improvements. We keep building new landing pages and add new features to the website.

    Grow: It is a proactive approach. We make continuous improvements to the website. We use multivariate, split, and a/b testing to increase the conversion rate. Techpullers also help to create lead magnets to generate more lead. Techniques like adding downloading resources, calculators and quizzes are used as lead magnets.

    We follow a series of steps to build a website that fits perfectly with your brand. We use a questionnaire to understand your needs and preferences. In this step, you can give us more information about your brand so that we can work on the same page. You can describe the type of website you need. Moreover, you can provide examples of some websites. These examples will give us an idea about your needs and wants. By collecting all the information that is necessary to understand the type of website you want, we can build a perfect website for you. Along with the information given by you, we will add our creativity and skills to deliver the website of our dreams.

    Every client is different from the other. Each client has specific requirements that we need to follow. So the timeline differs from one client to another. First, we need to get all the information from the client. Once we have everything we need to build a website, we start our project immediately. So, it normally takes between 15 to 25 days to complete a website project as per your brand requirement.

    If your website design is old and outdated or if users are complaining about your website, it time to redesign it. You might face problems like low conversion rates and sales if your website is outdated. To tackle this issue, you need to redesign it. Unfortunately, you cannot do it yourself. You need to find a website redesigning agency to do it for you. The agency should be able to provide quality website redesigning solutions at an affordable price. Our company provides all types of website designing and redesigning services at an affordable rate.

    No matter how small or large a business is, the website is a must for every type of business. If you want to improve your digital presence and boost online sales, you need a custom made website that fits perfectly with our brand. The cost of building a website for small businesses may vary as per the website’s features. If you want custom-built features, the cost will increase—the typical cost of building a website for a small business range from $2,000 to $10,000.

    Your website’s design is the first impression of your business or company. If your website has an attractive and simple design, people will stay and read the content on it. A simple theme of your website can captivate users. Your website’s design is important because

    • It is the first impression of your company
    • helps in SEO strategy
    • It helps to build trust
    • To helps to beat your competitors

    We provide creative custom made web designs to clients. Creative and beautiful web design can give you an added advantage to compete in the market.

    If you are into an online business, you might have come across these terms. Many people use the terms Responsive Site and Mobile Site interchangeably. But these terms are different from one another. 

    Mobile Site: A mobile site is specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. These are designed in such a manner that it easily opens on a mobile phone. These sites appear different when accessed from the desktop. They have a different URL.

    Responsive Site: These sites are designed to work on any device. You can access it from laptops, desktops as well as a smartphone. You cannot use lots of multimedia on this site. It is good for SEO strategy. This site takes lots of effort and time to be developed.

    Sometimes no matter how good your website is, there are no leads generated. Several factors are responsible for the lack of lead generation. Here are four reasons why your website is not generating any leads.

    • The navigation is very confusing: Users are not able to navigate your website properly.
    • Poor Content: If the content on your website is poor or insufficient, people will not visit your site.
    • Not Mobile-friendly:Nowadays, people use a smartphone to access websites. If your website is not mobile-friendly, there will be no leads.
    • No Calls to action:You need a strong call to action on your site, or else people will just visit and leave your site.

    A dynamite landing page is where each user can see unique data. For example, these landing pages use the person’s time, date, location, and other factors to show them content they can relate with.

    Landing page is static. It is very difficult to create a dynamite landing page. These special skills are needed. A specific code is used to create this page. It also needs mining capabilities. You can approach a web designing agency to develop a dynamite landing page for you. Choose an agency that has the right knowledge and experience to do it.

    Your website should be your main concern in this digital era. If you want to boost your business online, all you need is a good website. Here a seven web design ideas that every website should use.

    • Responsive Site:Make sure your website has a responsive design. This way, users can access it from any platform.
    • User Experience:The website should be designed in such a manner that users can easily use your site. If it enhances user experience, it can easily boost sales.
    • Business reflection:Your web design should be such that it reflects your business.
    • Right Font:Use the right font in your web design. If the font is too small or crowded, users will find it difficult to read.
    • Visual Elements:Integrate visual elements in your sites like images and videos to enhance the experience.
    • Connect with your leads:Many people will visit your site from active leads. You need to connect with them for them to stay on your site.
    • CTS buttons:Add call to action buttons on your site to help people take the next step.

    You can add custom images to your website page. These images will help to make your website relate to your brand. Here are five tips for you to use images in web design.

    • Add relevant images:Don’t just add an image. Add image which is relevant to your business.
    • Original Images:Use only original images, or else you will face copyright issues.
    • Don’t use only photos:Instead of using photos use can use infographics which can provide information in graphical form.
    • Cropping and rescaling: Crop and rescale your photos so that it can fit perfectly in a space.
    • Multiple images: If you are selling any product, use multiple images so that people can get a good idea about it.

    Your website can become slow for several reasons. A slow website is like no website. People avoid slow websites like the plague. So if you want visitors, you need to improve the speed of your website. Here are some reasons why your website is slow.

    • Unoptimized images take up huge space. It takes a lot of time to load thereby making your website slow.
    • No CDN can also make your website slow.
    • High web traffic is also one of the causes of a slow website.
    • When you add many elements on a single page, it becomes slow.
    • Too many ads can also make it slow.
    • Bad hosting service leads to a slow website.

    SEO helps to bring traffic, leads, and increase sales. If you redesign your website without SEO, you will lose visitors, the website will stop generating leads, and the sales will drop. With SEO, you can improve your website’s ranking. When people search for content similar to your website, it will appear in top search results. So it is very important to include SEO while redesigning your website.

    • You can receive a return on your website design with SEO.
    • You can also get SEO built-in to your website’s design.
    • You can also preserve any existing optimization on your site.
    • You can create a Launchpad for the success of your website and company.

    Well, if you want to improve the performance of your website, you need to update it every 12 to 18 months. You need to redesign your website every 12 or 18 months. And if you’re in the content marketing business or e-commerce business, it should be updated frequently. Fresh and unique content will keep the users coming for more. It is also good for SEO. New content is preferred by search engines. We provide best practices along with SEO to rank your site on top of search results. We also provide content creation services. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything. We can keep updating new content on your website for you.

    There are many types of programming language which is used to develop the website. The type of programming language depends upon the features of your website. We can help you in selecting the best programming language that fits perfectly for your website. We can also help you to choose a programming language that suits all your modern-day requirements.

    Google is the number 1 search engine. It uses bots which are known as crawlers. These crawlers index the content on your website to know what it is about. They help in determining the content quality and rank your content accordingly in Google’s search results. These bots cannot harvest the content created with JavaScript. They cannot see images. However, they use alt tags. While images are necessary, they cannot help with SEO. It is the content and the keyword that is important. We follow some guidelines to build websites with SEO. Here is a list of the guidelines.

    • Update Frequency
    • Title Tag
    • Meta Description
    • Keywords
    • Semantic HTML
    • Structured Navigation
    • HTML Sitemap
    • XML Sitemap
    • Quality Content

    We mostly design websites which only exist. We redesign them. We also design medical websites and non-profit organization websites. We provide designing services to startups and brand challengers.

    • New Websites: We have to start the branding process for the logo of the website. We do work on color, tone, content, and design of the website.
    • Website re-skins:This process is very easy. Here only UI, CSS, and HTM need to be updated on a current website.
    • Complete redesign:Here, we have to completely redesign the website. This process is a bit complicated. Here, we have to use content strategies and analytics. 

    Yes, we do provide guarantee services. With use, you need to rest assured. We provide two types of guarantee.

    • On-time guarantee:We guarantee on-time delivery of services. Your website will be ready within the scheduled time.
    • On-budget:We also provide on the budget guarantee. We will develop and design a website within the limits of your budget.

    Apart from this we also provide 30 days workmanship warranty.

    Yes, we do provide training. We provide special training to all our clients. We help them understand the basics of using and maintaining their website. We teach them how to use their website effectively and efficiently. We provide complete and overall training. You can rely on our services.

    Yes, we can help with social media. Along with website designing and redesigning, we provide social media services as well. If you want social media services, you can approach use. As a part of your website designing project, we can include social media and provide relevant social media services to you.

    Yes, we can provide content for your site. But content writing is not included in basic web design costs. You can choose a content package. There are blogging packages available as well. Each package has a quote. You can choose any type of package. We provide packages on a case by case basis.

    Yes, we can help you to design your website logo. It is an important part of the website. However, it is more effective if you opt for a branding strategy. This way, you can make use of several other services to brand your logo on the website. Logo designing works better with the overall branding strategy.

    No, there are no hidden charges. We provide a transparent quote without any hidden charges. Once we discuss the features and elements of the service, we will provide you with a quote. Every cost is explained in detail in this quote. After it is settled, there will be no extra charges. But sometimes clients come up with new changes in the service. Because of these extra resources are used. In this case, the extra cost will be discussed with the client before starting the work. In short, you don’t have to worry about hidden charges.

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