Reasons to Avoid Affordable SEO Services

As you all know SEO is the abbreviated form for Search Engine Optimization and it is the method of getting traffic from organic or natural search results on search engines. It helps your website to rank high and increase its traffic among the 300millon+ registered websites on the internet.  Hence it is very important to optimize a website and the process is truly worthless. That’s why the famous SEO Company Kerala desired to guide you from avoiding affordable SEO services.

What do you mean by affordable SEO services?

The word “affordable “has a different perception for different people.  I can explain this through an example.  Let’s imagine, you are working for a company generating millions in revenue every year. Then Rs. 3,50,000 per month may seem to be affordable for you. But if your company is making below six figures, then Rs 35,000 per month would seem absurd. This means it’s all subjective. From this example, it’s clear that Good SEO is not cheap.

With this insight let me explain why hiring an affordable Search Engine Optimization company isn’t a good idea.

  • SEO without money is limited in action

Search Engine Optimization has a number of actions mainly categorized into two groups, those are time-dependent and capital-dependent.

Some of the time-dependent SEO actions include keyword research, page-level optimization, and some technical optimization. In that technical optimization may sometimes need a developer for larger issues and they cost money. Such kind of optimization will not be fair. This will not provide high impact activities that drive organic search growth.

The second category consists of two main elements which greatly drive the organic search growth and those are content and backlinks. Unique and well-optimized contents will always boost the website to rank good in search engines. Like this, high-quality backlinks also render the same benefit to the site. But both of them are most capital sensitive actions.

From the above two categories, it’s clear that companies with affordable SEO services will not withstand in the field of SEO.  Since affordable SEO companies don’t have the capital, they can’t create quality content, can’t spend time doing link outreach, can’t pay for placement on quality sites.

As a result, they go for cheap on content creation, which will end up embarrassing your brand. Also, your site may get penalized because those companies are using grey or black hat backlinks.

  • Affordable SEO will not withstand for a long time

The cost of working with a cheap SEO company is risky. Why because it takes months of working and this leads to a huge loss. Since they are using low-quality backlinks and poor optimization techniques, there may be a lot of chance in getting your sites penalized. Then you have to search for another SEO company to rectify this problem. If your site gets penalized it is difficult to get an immediate recovery which exploits your money and time.

  • Lack of SEO Assets

Un-plagiarised contents and high-quality backlinks are the assets of your SEO business. The affordable SEO services will not give you any of these two assets. As a result, such services will not provide good traffic to your site.

  • Avoid Cookie-Cutter Strategy

Each and every business should develop unique SEO plan. This will differentiate you from your competitors. Cheap SEO or affordable SEO Services use cookie-cutter strategy to promote their client company. But this approach rarely works and will almost always be low quality.

  • Experience is precious

Most of the affordable SEO Services provide low quality or maybe cheap optimization services due to lack of experienced SEO professionals. Good SEO services always have a team of highly experienced SEO experts. They do their work according to the latest algorithm updates and they are confident in their effort for giving excellent an result which is priceless.

After reading the above reasons, now you are ready to approach a good SEO agency for excellent SEO experts rather than an affordable SEO company. SEO Services are dynamic and hence don’t take it lightly. Go for an intelligent decision and avoid cheap SEO services.

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