Recent Trends In Digital Marketing That You Can Follow

Technology is evolving so fast that it kinds of becomes difficult to catch up. As a person involved in the fats moving techie world, it is highly necessary to keep up with the growing technology. In today’s world, we have witnessed many changes in the industry such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things that have made our lives easier.


Today almost anything that you come across in your daily life is somehow connected to the technology. You cannot find any business that doesn’t have an online presence such as a Facebook, Instagram page that connects a whole wide range of communities. Moreover, such social media platforms will only enhance the popularity of such sites making it reach a wider audience. Digital marketing is one field that is continuously growing and here are some recent trends to keep in mind.


  • Facebook and Instagram stepping into the world of shopping


With the launch of the Facebook market place, local businesses have found it easier to connect with consumers where they could discover, sell, and buy items. The same concept has been introduced in Instagram with the shop option. It becomes easy to advertise and sell your products in the comfort of your house. In recent times Facebook’s customers have been leaning more towards the older generation with almost half of the audience over the age of 65. Mostly the Gen Z has moved to Instagram and almost all online brands have a shop ad associated with it. Customers can directly interact with the feature of DM which has opened a new perspective in digital marketing.


  •   Voice assisted search engines providing a boost to marketing


Nowadays people prefer to use hands-free mode and this where voice assistants have become a success. Siri, Alexa, and Google assistants are widely used by almost everyone and it has greatly enhanced digital marketing. They can easily search, read, and interpret the text making our lives easier. Initially, SEO strategies are based on text searches, and with the evolution of voice assistants, they are slightly being shifted to voice initiated searches.


  •  Chatbots replacing human customer support


With the use of Chatbots, customers find it convenient to get the answers for what they are looking for. This saves a lot of time and manpower and customers are freer to ask any doubt regarding the service. Also, responses by Chatbots are more quick and informative than human interaction and we are bound to get full-time support without any delay. In the world of the digital marketing use of ChatBots increased the speed of sales and almost all types of users find ChatBots user friendly.


  •   Video marketing a fruitful way of interacting with customers


Customers prefer video over text ads and this why almost all businesses should consider video marketing as a strategy. With the technology evolving at a faster pace it is important to shift towards video marketing because it is fast and helps in holding the customers for a longer time towards the targeted product. Most of the customers land on a decision on whether to buy a product or not based on what they see. They prefer to watch videos that are way more interactive and in this way they become more confident in purchasing their desired product. Nowadays brands have become more creative and have stepped into video marketing by introducing influencers and bloggers.


  •   Messaging apps more than interacting with friends


Using social media apps just for likes and shares have slowly changed to interacting with customers. Almost all business platforms can use messaging apps to give out promotions and target their exact customers via direct messaging. It not only provides a platform to reach their customers but also it is highly comfortable than email marketing. We often receive promotional emails and newsletters via email but this transfer of mode to social media messaging apps has allowed easy interaction with people.


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