How Black Hat SEO Is Killing Your Business

What Is Black Hat Seo?


Black hat SEO is a set of practices that go against search engine guidelines and are used to increase a website’s search rankings. Black hat SEO methods ignore searcher intention and attempt to avoid best practices by tricking the system and gaining search visibility through unethical practices. Black hat methods include cloaking, keyword stuffing, and using private link networks, etc.


Black Hat SEO Techniques That Are Killing Your Business


Avoid the following black hat SEO tactics


Paid Links


Paid links are any links back to your website that have been bought to look great to a search engine. The concept behind the possibility to get backlinks is that if loads of websites link to yours, then you should have an authority site. However, those low-quality links are gained in volume through link farms built up of hundreds of related websites, and the links are almost unnecessary and spam.


Spam Comments


It is another way to obtain links back to their website, a marketer using black hat SEO may comment on dozens of blog posts with a link back to their website.


Duplicate Content


Duplicated content is a sort of content that seems on more than one site. Also, it might be content taken from other places. It is only providing a hard time search engine to take from all the duplicate content and show the correct piece of information . which usually happens, and Google will show the original content in SERPs. That because it can’t show Plagiarised content – it’s not appropriate to the user.


Keyword Stuffing


This method includes frequently inserting a word or phrase into text so that it is more possible picked up by search engines. This used to be normal practice in SEO, but where keywords are overused, the text almost seems strange and is disturbing to the user.




It is the way of tricking a search engine into thinking something different from the real content arrives on your site, to get a larger visitor rate. Cloaking shows one piece of content to users while showing another portion of the content to search engines.


Invisible Text


This could be performed by methods such as writing a text on the same color background or covering it behind the images. This hidden text, which mostly involves disproportionate keywords, is therefore invisible to the website visitor, but not to the search engines.


Doorway Pages


Doorway pages are set up in a method that a visitor generally can’t reach through the site navigation. Instead, they are intended to rank properly in the search results and lead people into the site through a spammy page.


Content Stuffing


A truly scary SEO tactic is stuffed content filled unnaturally. It can surely get your site penalized. Using keywords naturally while also providing value to site visitors is how content should be created. Google has warned that black hat tactics are unscrupulous, overly dynamic digital marketing works where a company tries to manage search engine outcomes unfairly.” Notwithstanding Google’s warnings, several Internet companies persevere in giving black hat SEO services.


Final Thought


Search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated over time, which is why you should avoid black hat SEO at all prices. White hat SEO is a much more reliable method of doing search engine optimization. It’s a more ethical approach that abides by the terms and guidelines set out by search engines. White hat SEO consists of creating quality content and better overall user experience for people visiting your site. Avoid being barred by choosing white hat tactics for search engine optimization. Unless you never understand how your rankings might be slashed.