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Top 3 indications that will show you the time for the redesigning for your website

Today, the website has become an integral part of the promotion of your business among the audience. A well designed is the great window where you will be able to reach out success apart from the heavy compared to the other competitors. Is it just enough to stop just with creating the website ? No! You have to work on your website on a regular basis. Here are some of the instances where you need to redesign the website.

When bounce rate increases

When your website reaches to more bounce rate, it means that you have reached the time where you need to design it. You can view Google Analytics and find the percentage of visitors at a particular time. If the bounce is in single digit, it is fine but when it reaches 40 to 50%, it is necessary to work with it.

Long loading time

It is necessary for your site to get loaded faster as it is one of the most important features of the website. When the loading time is reduced, it automatically reduces the quality of the website. Make sure that the loading time does not exceed more than 3 seconds. If it exceeds, it is the time to work on it.

When the content is old

When the content becomes old, it automatically loses interest among the visitors and this reduces the traffic to your site. It is found that 16 new posts of the content per month will be attracted for more than 3 times the amount of traffic. So it is necessary to work on the content at least once in a month.

Final thoughts

Today, when you are, not active in any of the aspects that are related to your business, it is not possible to succeed. The website plays a vital role in bringing your audience to be a part of your business. This can be achieved only when you are working on it. Be active and attract your customers in all possible ways and only that can be an effective move for a successful business.

Aiswariya K

Writen by

Aiswariya K

Posted On

January 9, 2020

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