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It is almost 2022. The world is slowly recovering from the effects of the pandemic and also from endless hours on their devices. People are going through psychological changes like presenteeism and absenteeism and their expectations of the digital world have changed. To engage users and cater to their needs, web designers have experimented on various design elements of websites. This has set new design trends that are going to be very popular in the next year. The web design trends in 2022 will emphasize factors like easy user experience, accessibility, loading speed, and comfortability. The technical aspects like responsive design, scalability, optimized content, etc. will remain the foundation of web designing but, the focus on the user interface(UI) will be on meaningful impactful designs.


Enhancing User Experience With Multimedia

A website tells the story of a business and content is still the king. How can you tell your story differently and capture the user’s attention? That is the big question that drove web designers into creating interactive user experiences with videos, audio, and images. Some of the ways in which multimedia is popularly used in web design are:

Storytelling with videos is more captivating and these are replacing large background images.

Creative use of audio to enhance accessibility and user engagement.

Using overlapping texts and images is also another popular trend.

MemesMemes and GIFs makes pages more interesting and engaging.

going extreme

Go Extra Mile With Minimalism

Clear the clutter on page; that is the core concept of minimalism. Instead of bombarding the user with a number of elements all at once, a minimal design focuses on very few and important elements on the page. This helps people concentrate on what is essential and interact without getting distracted. These are easier to optimize and load fast. The new trend, Ultra Minimalism goes one step further with minimalism:

Flat UI without any highlights, textures, or gradients

Simplify the design by keeping absolutely necessary objects.

Maximize use of the white space or negative space.

Use a limited color palette ( sometimes monochromatic).

Grid layout and dramatic use of typography are also popular minimalist web design trends in 2022 to look out for.


Transforming Typography Trends

Content is not all about texts on page but, whatever texts are on it is really important. It can be CTA’s or testimonials or your product description. So, focusing the user’s attention on the text is important. Choosing the right font is important as the content. Designers are experimenting with different ideas for making the text stand out and grab attention. As a result, there are several popular trends in typography that you need to use now:

Retro fonts are back with a bang. Retro fonts or vintage fonts are gaining popularity among people once again. Sans font is one of the most popular vintage fonts.

Bold Typography – Be bold and get attention. Bold fonts with splashes of colors are not going anywhere soon.

Hand-drawn fonts are the new buzzword in typography. If creating a customized font as the NewYorker has is a designer’s dream, hand-drawn fonts are the ultimate ideal.

Text-only websites are also going to be a popular web design trend in 2022.

Mixing horizontal and vertical text is another popular web design style.


The Return of Neumorphism

Neumorphism is a visual design technique. This is a design technique inspired by Skeuomorphism; the design technique in which an element or object mimics a real-world object. An example is the shopping cart on eCommerce websites. Neumorphism is called the new Skeuomorphism. It makes use of soft shadows to create an effect that elements on the page are part of the background but extrude from it. It is also called soft UI design and is characterized by:

Use of buttons that blend into the background smoothly.

Neumorphic cards that seem to extrude from the background.

cool thumbnail

Be Cool With The Dark Mode

Dark mode has been around for a while but is very popular and cool now. Dark modes are usually given as alternatives to light themes in websites. They are suited for dimly lighted areas. But, they complement bright-colored elements on websites well. Dark themes are elegant and stylish. They can help create a unique brand identity . There are several things to consider when going dark. Popular dark mode styles are:

Dark mode need not be black mode; Light background need not be plain white. Choosing colors and design elements that complement dark modes can be a challenge, but it is worth it.

Mixing dark and light backgrounds to make it a bit more stylish. Dark text on a light background is easier to read. So, mix it up to get the best side of both.


Experiments With Colors

Just like using a dark theme, designers are experimenting with colors on page. Colors are related to emotions and it is important to choose the right colors to send the right message. Light Colours are the go-to choice of designers now. When it comes to color, designers are all about experiments. Some of the popular design options in colors are:

  • Choosing a soft color palette with soothing and relaxing colors.
  • Warm pastel colors and vivid wholesome colors are both popular.
  • Prefer subtle and cool colors, muted colors, and even a monochromatic color palette.
  • Gradient colors are used to make elements stand out and bring realism to the element.
paralux animate

Parallax Animations

The parallax effect is the feeling that objects far away are moving slower than closer objects. This effect is used in computer graphics. It works by making the background move slower than the objects in the foreground. It creates the effect of depth by moving different objects at different speeds.

  • Parallax scroll animations are popular in storytelling
  • Use parallax scroll effect sparingly to maintain the website loading time.
taking thumbnail

Taking AR Experience To The Next Level

Jeep is a website giving Augmented Reality experience to users so that they can get the feel of driving the vehicle. Websites providing outstanding AR experiences can be really popular as the user can get the look and feel of a product, understand it better and make decisions. Games like Pokemon Go have created high expectations for the AR experience. Some of the popular design trends with AR are:

  • On product pages to give a wholesome experience to the user.
  • Educational demos as a learning tool.
  • Using AR creatively for Ads and banners.

Abstract Art And Illustrations

Abstract art is an exciting and creative design element. Digital abstract art creates a visual effect and evokes a mood in the user’s mind. They can give your website a unique style and a touch of freshness. Illustrations are also very popular choices as design elements in websites. Abstract art illustrations are replacing photos and capturing user attention. Popular abstract art and designs trends include:

  • Use of Geometric shapes and patterns
  • Organic shapes such as curved lines
  • Grid patterns and flat icons
going out

Going Out of the Box With 3D

The popularity of 3D has come and gone. Now, it is back in the spotlight with 3D animations and image elements widely used in web designing. They bring depth, realism, and novelty to design.

3D images and animation are common design elements.

Web textures are background images that look like 3D surfaces and they offer immersive experiences to the users. These are placed in the background in a way that they do not affect the scrolling experience.

customaize thumbnail

Customize Scroll

Scrolling is how most users interact with your website. The story of your website slowly unravels as users scroll. Making scrolling more interactive can make users spend more time on your website. There are many creative ways to make scrolling an interesting and engaging experience :

  • Scrollytelling – animation or visual effects that come to life when a user scrolls on page
  • Scrolling Transformations – These include scroll triggered animations, motions, and other effects caused by scrolling on page.
  • Scrolling cards – These can be horizontal or vertical cards that can be scrolled or swiped on mobiles.
  • Horizontal scrolling – Horizontal scrolling has gained popularity and is widely used in website design.

Setting New Web Design Trends in 2022

Web designing combines creativity, uniqueness, functionality, and usability. Web designers are looking for ways to create unique, stunning, and accessible websites. Websites that are more inclusive, positive, and with a social commitment creates a positive image in users. We are going to see websites that use vivid imagery, very clear call to action (CTAs), avoid distractions, and make user interaction as easy and comfortable as possible. Designers with creative flair will be setting new web design trends in 2022. To stand out from the crowd, keep these design styles in mind while designing websites for your business .

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November 3, 2021

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