WordPress Development

WordPress Development

Whether it’s developing a whole website from scratch or total uplift of an existing one, our team creates works-of-art! From websites for phone or PC, we offer top-notch WordPress services with a robust framework, rich features and more. We like to work in a challenging environment and we are ready to deliver it very soon.

Graphic Interface

Designing and developing a proper graphic interface for web applications depends on use of appropriate technologies.


If you want to create responsive and customized WordPress themes, you need to go for bootstrapping. Our team of designers and developers are adept at and experienced in WordPress development using Bootstrap framework.

Screen Optimized

Screen optimization is necessary for websites and web apps since people may view your site or open your app in mobiles, tabs as well as desktops and laptops.

Content Update

A dynamic website has to update content from time to time in order to disseminate updated information. WordPress has a lot of functionality to update content regularly and also maintain the layout.

Application Security

Security is important since your code may run across millions of websites and may encounter cross site scripting or SQL injection attacks. So, coding needs to be flawless and WordPress plug-in security must be comprehensive.

Error / Bug Fixing

We run checks at every step to fix bugs, if any, in the website or web app. We conduct functionality testing, page content checking, usability testing and more to ensure that there are no errors in the final product.

Web Streamlining Strategy

Having a business, but not having a quality standard corporate website won’t sound good in today’s technologically driven world. You have to think out of the box from the conventional approach with a fresh and innovation-driven way to stay ahead of the curve. Our WordPress experts integrate a set of sleek and sophisticated visual frills and details to transform the way your business build and communicate with your customers.

WordPress is the most availed Content Management System on the web CMS development platform and we are masters at open source CMS development using WordPress. Being the market leader our team of experts customizes the superlative features of WordPress to create a fresh, result-oriented and functional application to match your business standards. Our custom array of themes, plug-ins, and templates make your website apt for creating social networking pages, blogs, and mobile applications.

At TechPullers, we have experienced WordPress developers to carry WordPress development Service to empower your business. We provide highly compatible and user-oriented WordPress based solutions to our customers. We’re experienced in WordPress Applications,

  1. Responsive Template Design
  2. Re-architecture, Legacy applications
  3. Competitive WordPress development
  4. Building new WordPress’s with robust functionality
  5. Rich, expressive, client-oriented interface
  6. Developing, implementing and managing business applications

At TechPullers, we provide a wide range of WordPress solutions that suit your business landscape for growth and furtherance. With strong domain expertise and hands-on website development experience, our experienced web designing and development team provides a range of WordPress development services:

  1. Open Source CMS Development
  2. WordPress Migration
  3. Custom Plug-In Development
  4. WordPress Web Application Development
  5. WordPress Responsive Web Development
  6. WordPress plugins customization and integration
  7. Custom WordPress Development Services
  8. Custom WordPress themes and templates design
  9. WordPress Portal Development
  10. WordPress configuration and installation
  11. WordPress Maintenance and Support
  12. Compatible navigation and services
  13. BBPress Customization & Integration
  14. BuddyPress Development & Integration
  15. Woo-Ecommerce Development & Integration

Backed by a team of experienced WordPress website developers in India, TechPullers offers

  1. Extensive experience with WordPress
  2. Dedicated team of WordPress professionals
  3. Custom WordPress module & theme developers
  4. Highly flexible engagement model
  5. Tailor-made WordPress web development solutions
  6. Actual project progress without hidden charges
  7. In line project delivery with exact specifications
  8. 24/7 support with multiple communication channels
  9. Transparency is our policy
  10. Pay for what you get, nothing more and nothing less.
  11. In short: we’re worth doing business
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WordPress– The Way We Do It

At TechPullers, we hate to do it the conventional way we offer services with the focus on originality, flexibility and a unique, high-quality product that other WordPress developers can’t match. From the odd traditional barriers, our WordPress developer strikes the lands of awe-inspiring, unique, and fresh design elements that match any business needs and deeds. A website so beautiful and intelligent that you would be proud to call it your own. Once those ideas are inscribed onto the PSD files, our team of web developers composes them to infuse with life that perfectly matches your business model and the industry verticals. Our team brings your website alive in all its glory with responsive, dynamic and interactive elements on the design that really work and wow your customers.

WordPress– The Way We Do It

WordPress is not just a blogging tool, with an impressive range of variety of themes, it is also fully customizable unique Content Management System that can be easily altered to deliver innovative and efficient WordPress Solutions for every business.


WordPress has the most flexible and versatile architecture with a plethora of templates, out-of-the-box features, ease of use and we know how to make the most of this interactive platform. Our veteran WordPress professionals, working on this demanding platform to make an eye-catching difference from a simple website that everyone overlooks.

WordPress design and development

WordPress is the CMS of choice for a majority of web designers and developers. Customizability, high performance, SEO friendliness, easy social media integration etc are some of the most enticing features of WordPress. But designing websites and developing web apps using WordPress is not easy. It demands comprehensive knowledge of and skill in WordPress. This is where we score over many other run-of-the-mill web development entities. We have a team of experts who can exploit all the functionalities of WordPress comprehensively. So, you can get a website and a web app that is highly customized for your product or service, is very SEO friendly, can be integrated easily with social media and has a high performance.

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