What is White paper in Digital Marketing?

digital marketing white paper

You may have seen the term ‘white paper’ on many occasions while surfing through the internet. Are you still wondering what is the relevance of white paper in digital marketing? Let us find out.

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a detailed quality report, written on a specific topic that identifies problems and presents solutions.


  • Educating the customers
  • Shows in-depth analysis that points to market expertise
  • Product showcasing
  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness etc.

Now a question that may confuse your mind is, what is the difference between normal articles or blogs from that of a white paper. Take the example of this article. From this article, you can get a basic understanding of what a white paper is and its importance in marketing. But this article can only give a cursory glance at the topic, whereas a white paper will be having a detailed analysis of its past, present and future. And all the findings will be supported by numbers with the help of statistics tools. A white paper is extremely data-driven. Hence, writing a white paper is an extremely difficult and time-consuming process as one needs thorough research to support the arguments presented.

Steps for writing a perfect white paper

Choose a Topic

Selecting the right topic is extremely important. One must choose topics such that it is relevant to the audience, where you can address an issue and come up with a solution.

Research work

Research work will be the basis for all the arguments made. One needs to do solid primary or secondary research to retrieve data to support the arguments and draw conclusions.

Data-rich content

One thing that separates normal articles from the white paper is the richness in data. Instead of making opinions, you draw informed conclusions from the data at hand.

Eye-catching diagrams and design

With unique design and data visualization to present data, the write-up can certainly draw the audience’s attention.

While writing, it is recommended to write SEO friendly content. As a white paper is in pdf format, they can be indexed which in turn can help in ranking.


White papers are not limited to the company website. There are several channels that marketers can use to make sure the white paper reaches the right audience. They use forums, communities, social media channels, PPC advertising, newsletter, etc.

A quality white paper drafted can increase traffic and conversions drastically. Since, making white paper is a tedious task and requires long hours as the audience expects quality content. One should check first whether white paper is suited for their audience and segment, before investing their valuable time.

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