Which is the best web hosting company in India?

List of Preferable Web Hosting Services In India

As the importance of the website is increasing, every business is focusing on designing the website for their company. Here, a lot of factors have to be given importance for enjoying the benefits of the website.  In such a list, web hosting is the most crucial element you need to care for.  It is not only about the cost, but it plays a significant role in the overall aspects of the website. There are several web hosting, and you need to know about all these in detail to pick out the right choice.  Are you now looking for different website hosting? Here is the list to check out!

Cybex Hosting 

For years, Cybex Hosting has served as the leading web hosting company in India. It is more suitable for the business owners, digital enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and bloggers. It is serving customers globally in worldwide locations like Canada, Dubai and India. It offers 99.95% of uptime backed by SLA, it works with automatic local backup, unlimited disk space of 5GB, 10GB and you can have unlimited bandwidth on all the pricing plans you are choosing. So, when you are looking for web hosting, Cybex Hosting serves in the top and most preferable space.

A2 hosting

Since 2001, web hosting came to existence and served as the significant one in recent times. Initially, it started its operation in the two-room office.  In 2003, it was re-launched with several changes. The SwiftServer Platform and the use of Turbo Servers ensure blazing fast speed and enhanced performance by 20X.  This was considered to be the most preferable one as it claims 99.9% uptime for the hosted website. Green Hosting initiative aimed for contributing to environmental preservation programs.  Even these days, this website hosting serves at the top position and lots of people are opting for this concerning the benefits out of it.


BigRock is the website hosting company that started in India and started expanding in several other places. It offers 99% uptime guarantee, but you cannot check the availability of the server from the control panel. When it comes to the features of the web hosting, it includes SiteLock Security, an SSL certificate, a CDN, cPanel and several others. The plan comes with fewer resources, but you need to pay a little more money for it.  It offers cloud for business hosting plans, on a page website builder, and dedicated servers. With round the clock customer support, you can enjoy customers through different channels like chat, email, and phone. All these make the website hosting to be the best and preferable one in the market today.


When it comes to the world of website hosting, GoDaddy is the giant, and they are ruling the current industry. It is popular for the aggressive expansion and ridiculous discount that it offers for its clients. Most importantly, India is the market to establish the strength of it. It takes its infrastructure seriously and offers excellent performance for the users. It comes with the features of the web hosting, the plan comes with security monitoring, cPanel, a website builder and 125 + 1-click installs.  It also incorporates several other features like SiteLock security, SSL certificate, backups, a domain name and malware scanning based on the plan you are opting for. It offers great support through live chat and phone.


It is the other preferable website hosting for the new websites or the website that have moderate to high traffic. It is the standard website hosting providing the shared hosting, dedicated hosting WordPress hosting and VPS hosting.  It is suitable for both the individuals and business owners. As it offers a complete web hosting solution with a full suite of tools, several people welcome this web hosting for their website. Further, you can have a dashboard offering ease of using, globally supporting domain names, built-in security, and spam assassin protection. It also offers unlimited email accounts and storage plus plans.  You can have a free domain name for a year, and it assists with the drag and drop option.


It is one of the perfect choices for all the startups, developers, professionals blogs, or designers to have heavy traffic or multiple average traffic websites. With this web hosting, you can expect extensive and extraordinary services at an affordable price. You will enjoy several crucial traits like free SSL certificate, unlimited SSD storage, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed Technology and several others.  It also offers multiple-choice data centre server locations like Canada, Singapore, Germany, USA and UK. It follows 21x Faster LiteSpeed cache technology to offer fast action on the website. Further, you can have unlimited SSD space, bandwidth, HTTP/3 and QUIC support, secured with imunifyAV+ and Imunify360. There are also many other exciting features with DomainRacer, making it loved by the users.


One of the highly popular and reliable shared hosting one in India is SiteGuard.  Since its inception in 2004, the company is becoming more popular by offering lots of exciting aspects. They offer WordPress hosting, cloud hosting and lots of other dedicated hosting services. Till now, they have hosted over 2,000,000 domains.  The site also stands top in terms of features. With the basic shared hosting plan, you will have lots of options to accommodate as per your needs. Further, you can also look for the new WordPress version, free SSL certificate, free CDN, free email account, daily data backups, unlimited, etc. Ensure you are choosing the right plan, and this can help you to have beneficial web hosting.


It was the web hosting found in 2008 and is now serving with two efficient data centres. Every now and then, it is providing excellent service for the people existing in 190 countries. As the name indicates, it is well known for its eco-friendly hosting approach, shared hosting becomes the primary option for the people who are concerned over the environment. When it comes to the features of web hosting, you can have a single-click app installation, unlimited bandwidth, free domain for the first one year, unlimited storage, etc. You have multiple options with the paid plan, and you can choose the right one based on your requirements.

The bottom line

You will look for designing the website only when you understand the necessity and benefits of the website. So, to enjoy the complete benefits of it, the selection of web hosting is the most crucial portion. Thus, you have now gone through the list of the most preferable and leading choices of web hosting.  With this information, you can now start making more research and pick out the most suitable one.

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