Six Tips For The Amazing Conversion Rate – Enhance Hotel Homepage

As the travel industry begins on a protracted road of recovery from COVID-19, hotel websites must shine brightly to draw incautious travelers.
The most important page of any business’s website, the homepage is where most new customers will land from a research engine or other external links. In many cases, the impression a possible guest gets from your homepage in only some seconds determines whether or not they explore your site further or leave immediately. So your homepage must make an honest impression, fast.
A hotel website’s landing page must be attractive and act like a storyteller that induce the guest to explore, naturally leading them along their own way to booking or reservation. here are some tips to make it does just that.


Reflect your brand identity

If your web site’s home page reflects your hotel’s character and brand, but at the same time its also pointing your target market. You should need genuine customers to hand on your website and think ” This is what I was looking for”.
Central to visual design, color is vital to brand recognition and customer appeal. Choose your color palette carefully, in alignment together with your brand colors or logo, and also the emotional response you wish to elicit. for instance, black, gray, purple, and gold are typically related to luxury; greens, blues, and browns with calmness and nature; and bright blues, red, orange, and yellow with energy and fun. But don’t get carried away—too many colors are often distracting or overwhelming. try and continue an easy combination of three main colors that job well together: the background color (a neutral color) and a pair of accent colors (brand colors).
The tone of voice through written content is also very important for conveying your brand. Picking the right words which reflect the character or identity of your property ( modern, fun, relaxed, etc) and who your visitors are.


Make the answers for the most important questions

Visitors to your homepage are trying to find information about your property. While you can’t answer all questions on your homepage, there’s certain information that customers shouldn’t must dig deeper into your site to search out. Remember, consumers take just some seconds to come to a decision if they sort of a website/business enough to explore further, so give them the answers to their burning questions such as:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you?
  • What do you offer?
  • How are you different?
  • How can I book or contact you?

Crystal clear navigation

If your homepage appeals, most visitors will want to explore your website further for more information before making the choice to book with you. whether or not they want to look at more images of your rooms, confirm that you just offer the amenities they desire, find room prices, or learn more about your neighborhood, the items that matter most to your visitors will vary. Each visitor will follow their own path to buy, so intuitive navigation is vital to increasing conversion rates.
Keep navigation simple with the main menu at the highest of the page and strategically placed CTAs throughout the page.

Simple design

Google research shows that online customers prefer websites that are visually appealing simple to explore and understand. A simple design never makes the distractions, concentrating visitors on what’s significant with easy to read font, short and sweet written content, quality photos, and plenty of white space.


Good Quality Images

The high-quality image is crucial for a hotel site especially a home page that trying to convert visitors to bookers. Good photo with fascinate viewers and play a vital role in selling rooms.

Gaining the trust

In order to convince travel consumers to spend their hard-earned money together with your business, you have to pick up their trust. There are many different ways your home page can gain the trust of your website visitors, starting with a unique and professional design. At the same, an expired or incompetent looking design structure does little to inspire confidence, a well-polished and user-friendly website offers credibility to any business.

The most significant page of a hotel website, the home page has to make a decent impression fast. Follow the above-mentioned points for your hotel’s home page that catches your client’s attention, passes the uniqueness of your hotel, and leads the customers naturally and reassuringly along their way to booking.

If you are considering a better redesign for your hotel’s or property’s website, contact us for an unconditional chat with one of our experts.