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As a powerful digital marketing strategy, search engine optimisation (SEO) puts you ahead of the competition by increasing your exposure on a wide array of search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO helps you rank higher and get more organic traffic to your website by proactively optimising your online presence. Your business’s size, the project’s complexity, and the SEO provider all have a significant impact on SEO pricing. As a top SEO company in Kerala, we provide clear SEO pricing packages so you can be sure of what to expect from our services and how much you’ll pay. Check out our SEO pricing, then get in touch with us to start your customised, profitable SEO campaign!

Understanding The SEO Process

The SEO process is an ongoing one and necessitates continuous observation, evaluation, and modification. This ongoing procedure aids businesses in maintaining their competitiveness in search engine rankings and in attracting worthwhile natural visitors to their websites. From the perspective of the client, comprehending the SEO process includes comprehending how each phase advances the visibility of their website and generates targeted traffic. Below is a condensed description of the main steps:


We investigate the client's website and SEO objectives in this step of Initial Site Analysis and Keyword Research. We conduct research to find possible marketing keywords, focusing on high-traffic, low-competition topics. During the process, we will also ask them to provide us with a list of approximately twenty-five keywords, which we will then examine for volume and relevancy. In addition, according to the package selected by the client, we examine the content of the website and recommend changes for improving conversion rates, such as restructuring the homepage or making call-to-action buttons more visible. Usually, this stage takes one to two weeks. After finishing, we move on to both on- and off-site optimisation.

We concentrate on getting the web pages ready for search engines and making sure they are set up correctly throughout the On-Site Optimisation phase. This one-time procedure includes several methods, like creating an XML sitemap for better search engine crawling, setting up Google Webmaster Tools for comprehensive information on your website's visibility, and setting up a Google Analytics account to track visitor statistics. These accounts are opened in the client's names to give them complete control. We keep an eye on both accounts to track our progress during the SEO process. We also optimise header tags (H1 and H2), meta tags, and page titles to give search engines pertinent information about the website. Usually taking two to three weeks, this step doesn't need to be repeated until new keywords are added.

Off-site optimisation is a dynamic, continuous process that requires constant monitoring. For two main reasons, it is still important even after the website has attained ranking. First and foremost, it is needed to maintain competitiveness and surpass competitors who are continuously fighting for the top spots on search engine results pages. Secondly, to adjust to search engines' constantly changing algorithms, which often modify the order in which webpages are ranked. We use a variety of tried-and-true off-site optimisation strategies as part of a continuous plan to have the website ranked highly in search results.

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Our SEO Packages

With every package, we use our tried-and-true methods to get the website ranked higher on the search results pages. Every month, our strategy is adjusted to account for changes in search engine rankings, industry dynamics, and competition. This dynamic approach is intended to help the client's website achieve high page rankings and maintain that position over time. Depending on how many keywords the client wants to target, several packages are available. We can provide the website with the most relevant keywords for their industry thanks to our keyword research, guaranteeing a methodical and efficient way to increase online visibility.


When it comes to businesses trying to reach people in certain areas with their offerings, our local search engine optimisation solutions work wonders. Here’s a look at our local SEO pricing packages:

Bronze SEO

  • 10 No. of Keywords
  • 5 No. of Optimised Pages
  • Facebook/Twitter Management
15,000/ Month

Silver SEO

  • 20 No. of Keywords
  • 20 No. of Optimised Pages
  • Facebook/Twitter Management
30,000/ Month

Gold SEO

  • 100+ No. of Keywords
  • 30+ No. of Optimised Pages
  • Facebook/Twitter Management
60,000/ Month


The focus of national SEO is on websites that cater to a nationwide audience. It doesn't matter to these website proprietors if the client is from Kanab, Utah or Washington, DC. Achieving national SEO is more difficult and requires more time and resources. Take a look at our national SEO pricing:

Bronze SEO

  • 7 No. of Keywords
  • 5 No. of Optimised Pages
  • Facebook/Twitter Management
20,000/ Month

Silver SEO

  • 15 No. of Keywords
  • 10 No. of Optimised Pages
  • Facebook/Twitter Management
40,000/ Month

Gold SEO

  • 20 No. of Keywords
  • 30 No. of Optimised Pages
  • Facebook/Twitter Management
55,000/ Month


Embark on a transformative digital marketing journey with Techpullers, your trusted digital marketing agency in Kochi. Our team is ready and eager to elevate your business to unprecedented heights with our tailored, innovative digital marketing solutions. Here’s how you can start this rewarding journey and stay ahead with the latest insights in digital marketing.


The main components of an SEO strategy include performing comprehensive keyword analysis, improving on-page content, developing links to establish off-site authority, making sure the website's technical components are search engine optimised, and regularly assessing performance and making required modifications.

SEO isn't a quick fix for those seeking immediate results. It will take time for your website to get top search engine rankings with white hat SEO. The competitiveness of your keywords determines how quickly your website is ranked. For lower competition keywords, results might be seen in as little as two to three months, while higher competitiveness phrases might take up to six months to provide visible results.

You will receive a full monthly report at the beginning of every month that lists all of the accomplished tasks and accomplishments for that month. Additionally, you will receive updates and answers to any questions you might have from our SEO representative throughout the month via phone or email.

Numerous measures, including organic traffic, search engine positions for target keywords, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI), can be used to assess the effectiveness of SEO campaigns. Frequent tracking and evaluation of these indicators can assist in determining the success of SEO tactics and point out areas in need of development.

Our goal is to inform you of all the work that is being done to improve the ranking of your webpage. A traffic analysis report, monthly accomplishments, keyword ranking information, and suggestions for increasing conversion are all included as part of this comprehensive report.

There can be additional expenses if you choose to improve your website for improved SEO. When the SEO process begins, we will evaluate your website for conversion tactics and recommend changes to maximise traffic conversion if none are discovered. You can choose to employ a different party, handle the adjustments yourself, or get an estimate from us. Based on campaign-related conversion rate statistics, further enhancements might be suggested.

When choosing from our SEO pricing packages, there are several things to take into account, including your budget, your intended business goals, the level of competition in your market, and the range of services that are included in each package. It's important to thoroughly consider these elements before you decide which package best suits your needs and objectives.

80% of searchers use Google to find products and services, so ranking highly on the Google search engine is our primary objective. You are likely to notice better rankings on search engines like Yahoo and Bing once we reach higher Google ranks.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our service, which is why we don't require you to sign a contract. You are not obligated to use our services going forward or to pay any more fees if you are ever unsatisfied for any reason. As a top SEO company in Kerala, our track record speaks for itself, continually bringing clients back to us.


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