Importance of Hashtags in SEO

Almost now everywhere you can see hashtags whether it’s your Instagram post, Facebook, or Twitter, it’s there everywhere. A hashtag is a label that makes it easier to find information and groups much data under a single term. All the current major search engines use hashtags that gathers a lot of reaches. It brings people together those sharing a common interest. For instance, you can simply search #photography on Instagram and bam you get all posts and stories related to photography. In other words, you needn’t go and search individually for a particular page. Hashtags are a part of today’s fast-moving world.

Now how does this help with our SEO?

SEO is basically increasing the reach of our posts through audience engagement. What better way to engage more audience than using a social media platform. Placing hashtags in your social media posts means that you are more likely to appear in Google search results. Google will feature your Facebook, twitter content if the hashtags are well placed. This will increase your rankings and is an added benefit to your brand. Nowadays searching on Google will not only fetch you search results from the content but also if hashtags are embedded in your content. This is a great method to reach out to your audience. Especially in today’s world people do not have the patience to sit and search for a particular thing. Rather they are very fast and want to get a whole lot of information in a single click.

Why hashtags?
  1. They make the whole process of putting information and finding information easy. With a single hashtag, a whole lot of information can be grouped and gives a wide range of information. Searching using hashtags have become so common these days even kids on Instagram have got used to it. So using hashtags is the best way to capture their attention.
  2. Hashtags help to increase promotion to a wider audience. Nowadays techniques of brand marketing have evolved and hashtags have become very common. Suppose any new brand is launched in the market it would require a boost in helping it to reach a whole lot of audience. If we are using TV commercials or ads it is definitely great but it’s a slow process. When hashtags are used they catch the audience ‘s attention at a faster rate.
  3. It makes noise, especially when a socially relevant topic has to gain popularity. Recently we saw the #MeToo movement. Many people came out with their stories with this hashtag. This is definitely a great tool to address sensitive topics and they can gain attention at the speed of a bullet train.
  4. Google makes use of hashtags in the search engine. All we have to do is use a clever hashtag and you can easily rank in search engines. This is an important SEO technique as well as an easy one to gain more reach.

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