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Techpullers is one of the leading digital marketing company in Kerala 

Techpullers is the leading digital marketing agency in Kerala


What is digital

Digital marketing involves promoting a business online using a variety of channels. These channels include:

  • Search
  • Social
  • Video
  • Email
  • Display

Today’s customer lives across these channels & digital marketing is all about to being present at the right moment to capture the customer. The internet has transformed the way people buy things or services & now with the mobile smart phones this experience is everywhere, putting customers in charge of the buying process. As a business you need to stand out through out the journey a buyer takes. With so many user interactions points and what seems like an endless number of channels, digital marketing can feel overwhelming.

One of the trusted digital marketing company in Kerala

When it comes to choosing the best digital marketing company in Kerala you can completely trust Techpullers. Digital marketing involves 3 types of media: paid, owned, and earned. Your paid media will include all that you pay for. This will include channels like Google Adwords, Facebook paid ads & display marketing. Your owned media will encompass channels like your website, your list of customers that you send out emails, and a blog with an active readership. Earned media is a world of organic press.

All your social media accounts, the mentions about your business on other blogs and articles includes the channels within earned media. Now all these channels overlap just as user will overlap as they interact with each. And together these make up the foundation of digital marketing kerala.

digital marketing company

Web Design

Your website is an important piece of your digital marketing strategy. It serves as a gateway to gather information, or the actual destination where the sales takes place. It is an opportunity for a visitor to discover what makes your brand unique, to find the information they are looking for, and to guide them in their decision to buy.

digital marketing company

Paid Ads

The biggest advantage about online marketing is the ability to target people with amazing granularity. Because search & display advertisements are served up digitally, we can measure exactly when a user clicked, when they clicked from, and what happens after the click. This data helps us improve our strategy & create a better plan to optimize the ROI.

digital marketing company

Search Engine Optimization

As you evaluate the SEO landscape, you might decide its in your best interest to hire a professional. You can hire a resource to provide you with a list of recommendations or an entire team capable of executing the strategy they develop. SEO has the potential to bring incredible amounts of traffic to your website.

digital marketing company

Social Media Marketing

With a good strategy, social media has the potential to transform your business. For many brands, social media is a must-have component of their digital marketing strategy. Your social media should feature the major networks like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Web Design & Development

We have an excellent team of web development experts who are constantly experimenting and implementing innovative ideas that will transform website designs into a gold mine for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Developing a long-term and reliable marketing strategy that will flourish and live a longer life, while ensuring your customers stay with you and tell the world the tales of your business’s awesomeness transforming our custom-made business strategies into real time success.

Social Media Marketing

Get your brand talked about. Get consumers engaged. Increase conversions and grow revenue. That’s just a taste of how social media optimization works. We help you manage all the social media platform likes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. We use the right tools to optimize your content on social media, which in turn will help your business prosper.

Performance Metrics

Consumers are waiting to learn more about brands online. Chances are, your competition is already using these opportunities. We’re a social media marketing agency that finds ways to optimize your brand’s presence across platforms. From Twitter to Instagram, from YouTube to Facebook, and more, we’ll make sure your brand stays relevant, engaging and top of mind.

About Us

Our digital marketing services?

Year over year, more and more marketing opportunities present themselves online. And this is because people are creating and adopting new technologies and exploring new ideas. The amount of options available to you as a marketer are almost overwhelming. With such a wide array of choices, its important to evaluate which channels make the most sense.

As a digital marketing agency in Kerala , we can help you to prioritize which channels you want to start with & create an effective online strategy for you.

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Marketing is all about getting customers to believe that your products and services are important and that you can deliver a better value than your competition’s. Smart companies see marketing as an investment. Digital marketing is a world of ambiguity and constant challenge. Competition changes, new competitors enter the market and old competitors try new things to take your customers away.

Influence of technology

Marketers are also affected by changes in technology. Innovations in new product as well as new ways to connect with customers have a dramatic impact on the marketing function. We have been into digital marketing for over a decade & we know that a well thought out marketing strategy and a written marketing plan can help your business succeed.

digital marketing company in kerala
digital marketing company in kerala
digital marketing company in kerala
digital marketing company in kerala
digital marketing company in kerala
digital marketing company in kerala
digital marketing company in kerala
digital marketing company in kerala
digital marketing company in kerala
digital marketing company in kerala


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