Why Content is the icing on Digital Marketing cake?

Many may argue that as long as there is enough content on your site that a standard website has, it is more than enough to rank a page. Now there are many strategies that digital marketing companies use to rank your page. It can take weeks or months to achieve it, but an efficient digital marketing company can produce results in very little time.

But is that all one needs to be concerned about, reaching on top of the search result ?

The answer to this question would be a resounding, NO!

It’s not about the traffic that you gain by using all the advanced digital techniques. It is about the conversion from the whole. Now how do we increase the conversion rate? There are plenty of parameters that need to be taken into consideration, and the one that comes on top is having relevant and engaging content.

What is the relevance of relevant content?

Bounce Rate

A bounce rate as the name indicates is the percentage of people who bounces off your page without any interaction. One of the main reason can be tied to the fact that customers didn’t find what they were looking for in the first place. There can also be other reasons such as high loading time, bad user interface, etc. But the former tends to be the main reason. Whenever a customer is visiting your website, they will be looking for answers and whichever site provides it with clarity will hook the customer for good.


First Impression

As wisely said, “First impression is the best impression”. Unlike old times, most of the companies have a digital presence and people do their due diligence regarding a company online. With a few lines read about your company and its services, people will start making judgments about your business. A well-written website with creative visuals and smooth user experience can have a powerful impact on the customer’s mindset about the company.


Improved Ranking

Yes, good contents posted on your website can increase your ranking on search results.

Good contents are the biggest SEO trick ever pulled by any digital marketing company



A quality content created is not limited to the website, all the social media websites can act as a bridge to the customer. By posting a summary along with a link to the source page, these social sites will act as your very own personal online promoter. A good blog post on your website can drive in more traffic and visibility to your website than any other ad campaign. And that is one of the main reasons why irrespective of the industry, most of the websites have an active blog section.


Escalating business

One of the main questions that might surface is whether it will bring in more business. With your website having an improved ranking, having more visibility to create a great first impression with relevant content , well of course content marketing will not only increase your business but also create a premium brand image for the company in the market.


So it is extremely paramount for a company to have a viable content marketing strategy to make one’s mark in the digital world. Now apart from the ones mentioned, there are also several other advantages that not quantifiable which may be one of the reasons why ‘content’ is called the king of marketing.


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