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In this present age of technology, emerging trends established the pace for various industries. Technological advancements have a straight impact on trending website designs. Developing excellent websites is a fundamental aspect of drawing in more end-users. Creativity and innovation influence the extension of business opportunities for most businesses with an online presence. We do deep research continuously and offer the best website designs in web design company cochin. Thus, having a decisive effect on initiating new trends in web design.

Best 10 Web Design Trends For 2020

1. Motion videos Motion graphics is the latest trend that attracts to most users. In comparison to pictures and videos website, animations have quick loading time. It is not only interactive but also grasps the attention of the audience. However, it should not be used too otherwise it leads to diversions from the main story.

2. Horizontal, Vertical Message What better method to brain tease your customers than using vertical and horizontal text informations? Motivated by the world of graffiti and street art, this trend is now gradually edging into web design and just looks amazing when paired up with a proper image. By simply altering the position of the text, get your message across immediately. Be the best website design company cochin, we use horizontal & vertical message in our websites.

3. Friendly mobile navigation 52% of all web traffic is now seen through the lens of mobile devices. Minimalistic, friendly smartphone navigation and mobile menus will stay on-trend because responsive/mobile-friendly web design isn’t voluntary anymore. More than good UX now, Google has ranked mobile-friendly sites more fortunately since 2018. This shows us that traditional website navigation. Also, it could ultimately give way to the mobile-browsing generation.

4. 3D images Site visitors seems an artistic web page with 3D images compared to a normal site with simplistic photos. A brand that includes 3D into the layout has a futuristic understanding and transfers out an energetic character. Using fluorescent colors on the pictures makes the layout more creative, but it must not be overused. We use smartly in the client’s website of web design Kerala or Kochi.

5. Unconventional Typography Typography has always been a persuasive tool for designers to make use of but with every font being redone so many times, it’s time to reinvent. A fabulous example is using fonts over an image, overlapping with another text or putting them randomly in various areas.

6. Material Design Google has developed the material design concept and is presently being used by several web developers across the world. Color and shadows are applied to show user interactions on the websites that have performed this user experience design. The elements seem bold, simple, animated and are applicable on various platforms. The aesthetics of material design can be seen in Gmail and DROPBOX website. We use material design in most of the client’s website of web design Kochi or Kerala.

7. The big and the beautiful The usage of bold, oversized, and stylized text and headings seems to be here to stay. Through the usage of CSS, Google Fonts, WebFonts, and Variable Fonts, attractive and scalable typography is now available for web developers. Web content text can be animated, enhanced, and enlarged. And, most developers have only scraped the surface of web typography.

8. Load speed 2020 is the year of optimization for mobile-friendly sites. With Google Lighthouse scores almost developed into every browser, developers and end-users have frequently become obsessed with load speed. Studies on how people interact with different load speeds have found that 50% of users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less when they click on a site. If it takes more than 3 seconds to load, they will move and it’s not likely they’ll be back.

9. Chatbots Chatbots will continue to gain popularity in 2020. As artificial intelligence and machine learning remain to become more complex, we assume to see chatbots to be the norm for easy customer service requests. LiveChat, ZenDesk, Skype Olark, and other usage statistics continue to grow as users become more accustomed to their appearance on websites.

10. Voice searches will be increasingly popular Voice searches have a great influence on your website SEO, it’s all about triggering the best questions via voice instead of improving the search queries. As per research, more than 50% of online searches will get voice initiated. That’s why it’s essential to gear your SEO and vape marketing solutions around this trend.

Get the Best Website Design Trends for Your Website by Techpullers

Being a leading web design company in Kerala and Cochin, Tech puller is always at the forefront of technology and creativity. Adopting the 10 marvelous web design trends to expect in 2020 is just the beginning as we always crave for more and to do better to delight our clients who want to stand out from their competitors.

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