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Just when you thought that your website couldn’t get any more traffic, here comes Google with its News platform. A website without traffic is a waste of good content. Google news has changed the conventional News reading habits of people. There are many websites that publish content-rich articles, and Google news aggregates them and brings them under one roof.


Google News is a platform of Google where they collate newsworthy articles from various sources and displays them as News stories based on your preference, location, freshness, etc.

Unlimited traffic via google news


If you are thinking it’s exclusive for news content, that is where things get interesting. Any website that publishes unique timely articles is qualified for google news. It is no wonder why bloggers are tapping into the platform.

So be it may any industry, if you are publishing timely relevant content, then google news is surely an area to concentrate on.


Unique Content

When you are trying to get published in one of the most credible search engines, the article should be written with a good standard. Any kind of plagiarism or false content should be strictly avoided.

Write contents that are timely and relevant. For content, you can always do the basic keywords research to find terms that are trending and likely to be clicked. For which you can use any tools such as google trend itself. And as far as optimization is concerned, both the page and content should be SEO friendly for the Bots. For timely content, you always need to be far-fetched and up to date, so that your content will be like first-hand information to the reader.

Content requirements

– Proper heading – Date and time stamp – Original Content


The heading of the content is what catches the eyes of the reader. So a catchy phrase that intrigues the interest of the reader is much more likely to be clicked. Incorporate keywords to grab the attention of the reader. But it is highly discouraged to write a heading that is just used for clickbait. Stick to the number of words that can be used. As heading is one of the major contributing factors to ranking in google news, it should be done with proper care. Breaking down the content into proper subheadings can also increase the readability of the article.


For a platform like Google news where contents are updated every second, you need to provide quality content at a regular interval. If the current writers are inadequate, you can always use freelance writers. A freelance writer with a high Author rank can really help in ranking your article.


Publisher center

For publishing your content, you need to go to google publisher centre. Enter the basic details, verify the ownership of your website, submit your website news section URL, etc. Once you have successfully submitted, google will review and approve your website within 2-4 weeks. There are also options to enter the google analytics ID wherein you can track the traffic to your websites.


Instant gratification

Compared to SEO where you have to wait for the website to reach the top, google news will publish your content within minutes.


The ultimate aim of any website will be to gain traffic. With the amount of daily traffic that google news has, the traffic that you might get if published is mind-boggling.


Every brand during the initial phase faces the problem of credibility. So if you are published in google news which is owned by one of the reputed companies like Google, the audience will never question the credibility of your brand. Also, it is a platform to boost your brand recognition.

Page Authority

With the amount of traffic and people linking to and bookmarking your webpage, the page authority will likely increase drastically.


  • Adhere to Google Technical guidelines.
  • Provide every new story with a readable URL related to the content
  • Create a separate sitemap for google news to help in crawling and finding the content
  • Optimize the site for easy browsing so that the user can switch to other pages with ease
  • Use the only HTML in content for google bot’s readability
  • Publishing contents of authors of high Author Rank


You obviously have put in a lot of effort to build your website and create quality content to provide value for the audience. Now, if you think your website qualifies and has the potential to be listed in google news. Then without a due exploration, the full potential of google news is to receive unlimited traffic.

Aiswariya K

Writen by

Aiswariya K

Posted On

November 01, 2023

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