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Google Ads overview is an extremely powerful platform used by everyone from small businesses to fortune 500s. Every time when someone visits Google they are likely in one of four mindsets.

  • I want to know
  • I want to do
  • I want to go
  • I want to buy

Your business has to solve one or more of these mindsets. You can answer these answers effectively using Google ads. Google ads are an online advertising platform that allows you to show up in each of those moments. Its build to put you in front of a potential customer

But it’s important that you show up on the first page and that’s where ads come in. Google ads give you visibility even if your website is not in the top organic search. Ads have all kinds of extensions. They offer the URL, some will show phone numbers, and some might show ratings and addresses and even additional sections.

As an AdWords advertiser, you have to understand where your ads end up and how they get there. Google Adwords network is divided into two areas, Google Search network and the Google display network. These text ads can also appear on Goole maps, Google shopping and websites that are search partners. Search partners include hundreds of non-Google websites. Display ads are likely banner ads. Display ads work differently. Instead of targeting based on a keyword a user supplies Google instead matches your ads to websites with content related to your targeting.

Whenever Google serves and advertisement to a customer, it can appear in a variety of formats. We refer to these as ad types. The most popular are:

  • Text ads
  • Ads with extensions
  • Responsive ads4
  • Shopping ads
  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Call only ads

Text ads are the most popular and the easiest to set up. Here we are discussing on text ads. Text ads include headlines, website URLs, and descriptive text like call to action. These are also the best performing pay per click ads you can buy. Ad extensions are text ads with few add-ons.

Adwords offer tremendous reach, precise targeting and limitless measurability. Targeting lets to show your ads topeople with specific interest.


Keywords are phrases or words your potential customer commonly searches in Google.

Ad Location

It allows you to show your ads on search engines, commercial sites, or even personal sites.


Age, location and language are the demographic options. You can also set day, time and frequency meaning you could show ads during certain hours of the day or certain days of a week.


You can decide if you want your ads to show on mobile, desktop, or both.


You have the ability to control your budget. There is no minimum to get started with ad words.. The great thing is you are only going to pay when someone clicks your ad. Adwords is a pay per click model and that has tremendous advantages.

Ability to measure your ads

With adwords when someone licks your ad you will know if they clicked your ad and then did something valuable to your business. By seeing which ads get clicked and which don’t you will see where to invesyt in your campaign. That in turn can boost the return on investment. You can get other valuable data, including how much it costs you on average for advertising to your customer’s online purchases. You can also use analytics and its easy to manage your account.

How Adwords is structured?

Adwords is organised into account, campaigns, ad groups, keywords and your ads. Your account is the information you will provide when you sign up including email and billing information.

Understanding Quality score and Auction system

Google is obsessed with making sure that everything they display is relevant and that applies for organic and paid lists. Fundamentally Google Adwords is an auction based system and by that logic, the person with the highest bid should appear at the top of the page or in what we call position number 1. But the winner is actually determined by what we call Ad Rank. This is calculated by looking at your maximum bid and multiplying it against your ad quality score.

The ad quality score is depends upon the followingfactors:

Expected Click Through Rate

Google ads overview is going to make an educated guess on how often people are going to click your advertisement.

Landing Page Experience

Your advertisement is only useful if your visitors can find what they expect once they click over to your site. Your landing page must be incredibly relevant to your ad, easy to navigate, and transparent on how you collect and use your customer database.

Ad Relevance

They analyse the language in your ad as it relates to what a user types into Google. This keeps people from simply buying their way into unrelated keywords.

Ad Extensions

Google ads overview also has extensions that you can add on to your ad units. Leveraging thse extensions can also increase your quality score. The quality score in on a scale of 1 to 1o.

Define your Goal

With a clear goal you will be able to create your strategy and evaluate the proper way to measure results. A traffic campaign is going to be focussed on the quantity of visitors and therefore clicks would be important.

The goal consists of the objective, the motivation, the effort and the KPI (Key Performance Indicator). Your KPI is not just what you are measuring but the actual quantity of that measurement you hope to achieve.

Define your products & customers

The best advertisements are focused and that focus requires you to really define what your product is & your customers are at a much more granular level than you might be used to.

What to expect


  • You make educated guesses and collect data.
  • Making changes & reviewing performance to better understand your specific market.


  • Improvements are likely
  • Making changes and review data


  • You can start achieving your return on investment through the research & tweaks you made.
Aiswariya K

Writen by

Aiswariya K

Posted On

January 9, 2020

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