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There are various points to think about when building the perfect web design: the graphics, the colors, the right images. One thing that is always ignored is picking fonts. Do not make the same mistake. Selecting the correct font can have a huge impression on the final appearance and feel of your web design. It seems like a little thing, but it has the potential to take your web design to the next level.

Picking the best font on your site is never easy. And when your selection could make the difference between a pleasant, easy-to-use interface and the new app everybody loves to hate, it only becomes more challenging. Here’s how to choose the right face for your users. Being the best web design company in Kochi , we will help you to choose the Perfect Font for Your Website.

Why font of your website is essential for your business?

Picking and using the right brand fonts is a detail that divides design beginners from the pros. When used properly, fonts have the ability to express your brand mark and gain trust and awareness with your target customers.

Brand font refers to the fonts you’ll select to apply in your visual designs and business information. The best way for the brand font is to choose between 1-3 font types and use them regularly. Techpullers adopt the best font in the market and stand on the best website design company cochin.

Techpullers Web Recommends these Best Font for Your Website

1. Georgia This font is very much related to Baskerville and it matches well with Proxima Nova, Helvetica Neue, Brandon Grotesque, and Arial. Georgia font is used by World’s largest Q&A platform Quora and American broadcast and streaming network CBS. Georgia is also a screen-friendly font pre-installed on both Windows and MAC computers and is suitable to use in print. Also, the New York Times and Huff Post which are the two famous American news blogs make use of Georgia.

2. Open Sans Creative Bloq, a well-known artist, and design blog uses this font. It has superior clarity and is widely used for Google print and web ads. It comes with an extensive font library which made its letterforms to be incredibly compelling. Another specialty of this font is that it goes well with the pitch-black background. Several of the design-centric blog with black-background go with Open Sans.

3.PT Sans PT Sans carries 8 styles including 2 narrow styles usual and bold for documents and 2 caption styles usual and bold for text. Apart from PT Sans, we have PT serif, PT mono. PT Serif offers 32 styles and these fonts present with regular, italic, bold and bold italic designs. PT Sans is best to use in headings.

4.Lato Lato comes under the category of san serif with a total of ten various styles. It was created by Lukasz Dziedzic. This font is similar to Freight Sans, Today Sans.

It pairs with Merriweather, Fira Sans, Cardo, and Yellowtail. Sites like Goodreads and Convince and Convert also use Lato font on their website.

5. Caslon Pro This beautiful font is extensively applied in various academics for textbooks, journals, magazines, encyclopedias, and articles. It is a good body text font. It is a constant and easy reading serif typeface that was designed by William Caslon.

It has a good pairing with P22 Underground and is related to Baskerville and Ehrhardt. The New Yorker applied Caslon for its body text. Also, it is one of the 2 official typefaces of the University of Virginia.

6.Montserrat Montserrat is one of the best fonts, you can choose. It has the thirty-six highest number of styles. It is the best pairing when used with Foro. Montserrat is the closest free option to Gotham and Proxima Nova. its character set is broader than Arial or Helvetica. Montserrat lowercase seems very attractive with its good large x-height, its geometry is properly structured with excellent clearness.

Develop the Best Eye-catching Font for your Website by Techpullers

Being a leading web design company in Kerala and Cochin, Tech puller is always at the forefront of technology and creativity. Adopting the best fonts for the web design trends to expect in 2020 is just the beginning as we always crave for more and to do better to delight our clients who want to stand out from their competitors.

If you want the best web design cochin then you contact us. We develop the best web design Kochi and Kerala. Techpullers has served various happy and satisfied clients and stands on the best web design in Kerala and Kochi. Get your quote for Web design now.

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