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Have you been promised to get your website on the top spots of Google search engine result pages through automated SEO services in no time?

If yes, keep your eyes open!

There are shady SEO companies that guarantee 1st position rankings for all keywords related to your industry at rapid rates. These companies use deceptive SEO tactics known as “black hat SEO” to manipulate the Google search engine.

The search engines like Google aims to exhibit the unsurpassed, up-to-date and precise information creating valuable references for its users. Search engines therefore use powerful programs called spiders or bots to crawl and index the sites and its contents. This information is stored on the Google’s index & whenever a user performs a query, the most appropriate content or website is served taking into account the user’s location, device and other parameters.

Black hat SEO techniques tricks the spiders & help your website rank higher than expected for a short term. Once search engine finds you at fault it will penalize your website. The penalties include ranking your website down on the SERP & even banning you from the search forever.

Note that Google changes its algorithm over 500 times a year!

Google regularly updates its algorithms to spot deceptive websites and construct a great search platform for its users. So it is very important that you use only white hat SEO tactics that comply with the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Secretiveness & on-page automation tactics

Be wary if the company is secretive about the tactics they use to get your site rank in the SERPs. A good white hat SEO company will have a strong off-page & on-page strategy and shall play by the laws set by the Google webmaster tools. Be very careful with SEO companies that deceive you with automatic on-page tactics. On-page optimization is very crucial & should be done mindfully in compliance with the Webmaster rules.

Automated Links

The links to your site has to be of high-quality & should help in improving your website’s authority. The links has to be built from pages that have high domain authority & page rank. The contents has to carefully written while building the backlinks & should not be automated. Automated tools are used to find competitor’s backlinks but never rely on any software that helps in creating links. Such misleading tactics can get your website penalized over the time.

Content Automation

The contents of a page on a website cannot be duplicate or similar to the contents of any other page on the internet. These deceptive contents generated with the help of tools or scripts can get your website penalized or rank you down after few months.

Which SEO services should you buy?

Undoubtedly, the best SEO practice is to provide informative contents that solves the searchers problem is most effective way. Choose an SEO company that makes an effort to understand your business properly, takes time to research your keywords, creates great contents, earns you high-quality links, makes your website easy to navigate, fast and secure.

Aiswariya K

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Aiswariya K

Posted On

October 15, 2023

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