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If you have done online marketing, you must have surely come across this question; Are Google Ads worth it? If you are having second thoughts on placing your Ads on Google or are doubting their effectiveness, we have the answer for you. Have you seen billboard advertisements? Well, Google Ads is like showing billboard Ads to people who are looking for your products and services exactly when they are looking for them. And that too on the world’s most popular search directory. So, let us look at how Google Ads can power up your business.

How Do Google Ads work?

Google Ads is a PPC or Pay Per Click advertising model and is part of Search Engine Marketing. Just like the name suggests, you only have to pay for the clicks you get. There are different ways to use Google Ads to your advantage. One example is advertisements that come up on the Google SERP or search result page, above and below the organic results. You can bid on keywords that you think are relevant for your business and you want to rank for. What makes Google Ads different is that Google ranks Ads based on two factors; The Cost per Click(CPC) that you are ready to pay for ranking for the keyword and the Quality Score. The quality score is calculated based on various factors like the relevance of the keywords, your landing page, negative keywords that you use, etc. So, you don’t necessarily rank on top just because you pay for it. An Ad having a higher quality score can rank higher than an Ad having a higher cost per click. So, you will have to pay more or improve your quality score. This makes Google Ads reliable and credible to users.

Why are Google Ads Worth It?

Google Ads offers flexibility, credibility, and a large number of options for you to choose from. This is because Google always tries to bring the most relevant ads to the user and makes it profitable for you. You can run different Ad campaigns and have different Ad Groups. So, here are some reasons why you should include Google Ads in your online marketing campaign:

Cost-Effective Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing where you have to pay whether you get results or not, you only have to pay when a click or an impression is made. If you have a higher quality score, you can pay less for each click that you get. You can also improve or scrap your Ad campaign if it is not working. This makes Google Ads a cost-effective marketing strategy.

Targeted Advertising

In conventional marketing, you advertise to a large audience who may or may not be interested in the products and services that you offer. Using Google Ads and other PPC, you can focus only on your target audience. You can decide the location, interests, age, and even gender of the people you want to target. You can also decide the day and time in which the Ad is run.

Tools And Analytics

You can optimize the Google Ad campaigns that you place using different tools from Google. You can use Keyword Planner for your keyword research activities. Keyword research will help you find the most relevant and converting keywords. Other tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics help you gain insight on traffic, user activities, conversion rate, etc. This will help you come up with better Ad campaigns and optimize the ones you run.


Remarketing or retargeting is one of the greatest benefits of online advertising. You can show ads to users who have shown interest in your product and services but have not converted yet. You can advertise on Google Display Network and show your ads on different websites that your users go to.

Automated Bidding

Google’s automated bidding allows you to further optimize your Ads. You can focus on maximizing clicks or conversions, target impression, conversion value cost per action, or cost of Ad spend.

Faster Growth

The best part about placing Google Ads is that it allows you to get faster growth in a shorter time span. This can mean more traffic, conversions, ROI, etc. Placing Google Ads the right way can help you generate more revenue compared to other online marketing tactics in a short span of time.

Types Of Google Ads

Google Ads offers are not just Search Ads. Google and its partner network allow you to show different types of Ads that can help you achieve your marketing goals fast.

  • Search Ads – These are the text ads on the Google search results page that come on top and below organic results.
  • Display Ads – These are image ads that we see on websites or on Gmail. Display ads are used to create awareness and for retargeting.
  • Video Ads– The short engaging video Ads shown on sites like YouTube are very popular.
  • Shopping Ads – These are product listings on Google that come up when you search to buy a certain product.
  • App Ads – You can use Google Ads for your app promotion on different channels like websites, Playstore, etc.
  • Smart Ads– Smart Ads or automated Ads helps you focus on your marketing goals and place Ads on Google and across the web to maximize your target factor. These are a very popular choice of Ads.
  • Local Ads– Google Ads that help drive customers to your local physical store instead of an online store or website.
  • Discovery Ads – These are ads that are run across Google’s feeds when they’re open. This allows new users to discover your product and services.

The Bottom Line

Around 40 percent of the search users click on Ads on SERP. Google Ads is a reliable and flexible option that gives quick and effective results. Google provides different tools from Keyword Planner to Google Search Console and Google Analytics, to refine and improve your Ad’s performance. While search engine optimization can get you credible and organic traffic, paid traffic can give you faster results. Whether you want to create brand awareness or product awareness, ensure more sales and conversion, or generate more ROI, Google Ads can help you with it. So, to sum up, Yes, Google Ads are worth it. But like any other marketing strategy, you might need the help of an expert in placing Google Ads to help you get more clicks and conversions at a lower cost.

Aiswariya K

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Aiswariya K

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November 8, 2021

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