Is Search Engine Submission A Necessity?

search engine submission necessary

What is Search Engine Submission?

Search Engines are programs that find the most relevant results when a user searches for something and displays it to them. For this, search engines have bots that crawl through the internet, find new pages, index them in their directories, and rank them according to their relevance for keywords. This means that the pages are ranked even before somebody searches for a particular keyword. Every business and website wants to be found by the target audience and rank high on SERP for relevant keywords. The first step to make this happen is being found by the search engine bots and getting indexed by search engines. The search engine bots crawl through the internet using links that connect with other pages. Generally, search engine bots can find web pages through connecting links on their own. This might take some time. It varies from a few hours to several days or weeks. Search Engine Submission is the process of manually telling search engines that your website exists and asking to index it. This is done by submitting a sitemap of your website to search engines or through indirect methods such as using internal and external links. On average, usually, it takes around a day for search engines to locate and index your website. However, if you do submit your site to search engines, it gets crawled and is indexed within minutes. So, Search Engine Submission speeds up the crawling and indexing of your website. 


How To submit your websites to search engines?

There are different search engines that people use, but the top ones are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, and DuckDuckGo. So you only need to submit your website to a few search engines like these. You normally submit a website when you launch it for the first time. When making new changes, you can notify search engines about them too.

There are different ways to get search engines to index your websites. Google and Bing discarded direct Search Engine Submission of websites in 2018.

  • You can request Google to index your website through the URL inspection tool in Google Search Console. Even if your webpage is not indexed, you can ask Google to index it with a click.
  • You can generate a sitemap of your website and submit it to Google through Google Search Console. An XML sitemap shows how your site is organized, important pages, and content under each section. You can submit your sitemap only once. Google only checks sitemaps the first time. If any changes are made, you can just notify them to recheck it again. Giving Google maximum details about your website can help in ranking.
  • To inform that a webpage exists, you can also use internal links to an already indexed webpage on your website.
  • If you can add an external link to your webpage, this would also help Google to index your page fast.
  • Installing Google Analytics and linking to Google Search console are alternatives to direct submissions.
  • For submitting your website’s sitemap to Bing you can add the sitemap using Bing Webmaster Tools. You can add multiple sitemaps if you want.
  • For search engines like Yahoo and DuckDuckGo, you don’t have to submit sitemaps at all. Yahoo uses Bing index data while DuckDuckGo uses many sources to index web pages.
  • Creating Social Bookmarks and linking to social directories can also help in indexing your webpage.

Is your Site Indexed?

Usually, search engines can find your website on your own if there is a link to it. But sometimes, it might not be correctly indexed. There are several ways to check if your website is indexed or not.

  • The first and easiest way is to search for it on the search engine using its URL. Your website will appear if it is indexed correctly.

SERP not indexed result

website search on search bar

  • The second way is to use the “site” tag. Adding domain name after site tag will show the number of pages.

website Site: search

  • Google Search Console

To search if a page is indexed by Google, you can use the URL inspection tool in the Google Search Console. You can check if the website is indexed by Google by typing in the URL. If it is not indexed, it will show that your page is not on Google.


  •  Bing Site Explorer

To find out if your page is indexed by Bing, use Bing site explorer and its URL inspection tool.  Search engines like Yahoo and DuckDuckGo use Bing indexes for ranking. So, you don’t have to specifically check if your site is indexed by them.


Is Search Engine Submission Enough for Better SERP Rankings?

No! Search Engine Submission just tells search engines that your website exists. It can ensure that you get listed on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. But, it can’t get you to rank high on the search result page for a keyword. For getting higher ranks on SERP, you have to follow proper Search Engine Optimization tactics. You can get the help of a professional SEO agency to make your website search engine friendly and user-friendly. 


Reasons Your Page is Not Indexed

There can be many reasons for not getting your site indexed and sometimes your website might get de-indexed, though it happens rarely. Some of them are:

  • You might have added a ‘noindex’ directive accidentally.
  • You might have got a manual penalty from Google for violating guidelines. You can see it through Google Search Console.
  • It might be blocked in the ‘robots.txt’ file and Google can’t crawl it. You just have to remove the block.
  • Pages with redirects are also not indexed by Google.

Final Note:

Avoid Paid Search Engine Submission Service
Your website will be indexed by search engines if you have not committed any serious errors. You can check if your website is indexed by yourself and you can also submit it to search engines by yourself. If somebody claims that they can do search engine submission for you by paying a fee, don’t fall for it. This was a necessity in earlier days but not anymore. So, even if you do nothing your website will probably be indexed but submitting sitemaps can help search engines identify details about your webpage. So, providing maximum details like metadata, additional language versions, videos, images, and news-specific pages can help search engines understand more about your website and index them correctly. So, to be on the safer side, it is better to do search engine submissions directly using sitemaps or indirectly using links.

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