Done and dusted with editing the creative images for your social media, but is it 1:1, or 4:3 or 1:3? This is a confusing juncture for people around the world while posting something on your social media platforms. But is that really important to abide by the prescribed image sizes? Not necessarily, but what if you discover a part of your creative being partially cropped after you post them online. Well, this can happen if you do not keep your images to the prescribed sizes.

The role social media plays in areas of brand promotions, generating sales and engagements, updating news events, building brand awareness, and even gaining popularity is huge and quite influencing. And the role of images and creatives in grabbing attention from the crowd and impacting the mind of individuals is immense and is even capable of influencing many. This is why more than 75% of business enterprises and entrepreneurs resort to the use of images in running campaigns and for their social media publicity. 

This is why we have compiled this article to guide you through the latest image sizes for your Social Media in 2021. In this article, we will look at image sizes for the most popular social media platforms- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Why should you stick to the prescribed sizes?


Getting the right quality of visual content to go on your social media is quite an important and hefty work. You have to make sure that these creatives align to the standards of the social media platforms without violating any of its laws and at the same time, one must make sure that the visual content is original and non-plagiarised. You should also keep in mind to use the best quality images and resort to top-notch tools while editing and grading them. 

Here are some reasons to which you should consider setting up the right social media image sizes -:

This helps in getting rid of the unwanted stretching and pixelated look for your image creatives. This way your image looks upright and pro.
Helps in generating an increased rate of engagements as your images will be in perfect optimization with various feed pages.
Awkward and unexpected cropping of your image shall be prevented and thus you can make sure that it reaches the audience perfectly.


Display Picture (DP) size:

Feed Photo Size:

Thumbnail Image Size:

Stories Image Size:

Carousel Image Size:

IGTV size:

Ads Image Size:


Profile Photo Size:

Header Photo Size:

Instream Photo Size:

Card Photo size:

Fleets Photo Size:

Ad Photo Size:


Profile Picture Size:

Cover Photo Size:

Feed and Timeline Post Photo Size:

Facebook Stories Photo Size:

Ad photo Size:


Profile Photo Size:

Profile Cover Photo Size:

Company Pages Photo Size:

Blog Post link Photo Size:

Stories Photo Size:

Ads Photo Size:


Profile Photo Size:

Profile Cover Photo Size:

Pins Photo Size

Collections Pins Photo Size:

Story Pins Photo Size:

Ads and Carousels Photo Size:

Carousel Pins and Ads Photo Size :


Profile Photo Size:

Banner Photo Size:

Thumbnail Photo Size:

The Bottom Line

These might be quite confusing and misleading many times, especially when we have multiple social media platforms and all of them having different image sizes. You can either try to memorize these measurements, take notes or even save them somewhere so that you do not confuse yourselves the next time. Since it is the year 2021, and these days everyone is much privileged to have access to anything at their fingertips. You can find a number of editing tools that will enable you to set your images to these prescribed sizes. See, it’s that easy!