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How to measure your social media efforts?

Are you not getting enough traffic on social media sites? Now, what should you be doing to measure your social media efforts? Here I am providing some social media metrics you have to be monitoring to help you analyse your social media marketing efforts.

Now you should be sure if you are doing the right things or not to get more popularity on the social media. So you have to track the right metrics to understand if you are doing the right thing. Checking the metrics will let you know if the things are not done correctly or if it’s done correctly but may require some more time and so on.

Following are the few metrics you have to take record of in order to know your Social media marketing efforts:

  • Number of new fans

This is the first metrics you should be checking i.e. the number of new fans on a consistent basis. You may do this weekly or monthly. But remember that the goal is to attain more and more every single time you are checking.

Well, let’s take an example. Say you have 100 fans the first month. The next month you added in 100 fans. Then that’s not great since your growth rate is not increasing.

But if you had 100 fans the 1st month and you added in 150 fans the 2nd month and then 250 fans the 3rd month, then it’s great because your growth rate is improving.

But if on the other hand, your growth rate is decreasing i.e. you are just adding up 100 fans every month then note that eventually, it’s going to cut down.

  • Competitor’s growth

The second metric you should be keep tracking is your competitor’s growth. Ideally, your competitors should be growing at a slower rate compared to you. If they are not, then it means that they are doing something that you are not and you would have to do it too in a better way in order to beat them. There are tools that help you compare your social media growth to your competitor’s.

  • Engagement

The third metrics you need to keep recorder of is the engagements like the number of comments you are getting for a Facebook post, the number of likes for a post, number of retweets, the number of shares, etc.  And note that if these numbers are going down then you are not flourishing on the social media.

If you want to build a thriving community you have to respond excellently to the people and engage. Responding frequently helps you build a more loyal audience.

  • Content

The last metrics I have for you is the number of content you put in. You have to be giving contents, keep updating status and putting out a lot of information a day to attain more engagement and reach.

Try to post multiple times a day. Check out on your competitors and make sure you post as much as they do or even more the better.

All of these above-mentioned metrics will definitely help you track your growth.  If you have just started on, it might take you some time. But if these metrics are showing growth, then you are certainly in the right direction.

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