6 Important tips to improve Social Media Branding in 2021

6 Important tips to improve Social Media Branding

The message conveyed on social platforms has a huge and deep influence on how we see, feel, and understand things. It stays longer on our minds and up to some extent unknowingly reflects on our thoughts and actions. That’s how social media is believed to be a powerful marketing and advertising tool for SMEs. It’s an uphill task for a small and relatively unknown firm to create brand awareness and generate customer traffic. Thanks to digital branding, with effective utilization of social media platforms we can compete with the best without much fuss.





Tips and Tricks for Social Branding

Rather than posting on every social platform, we should focus on the targeted followers and their sense of attachment towards this digital world, thus receiving the best return on your time investment. Firstly you have to identify who your audience is. To find out your audience, we should have an idea about which platform your audience uses by looking at the demographics of the users on each platform. It is important to know how much the audience is active on that platform. For instance, a young user has a profile on Facebook but he will be more active on Instagram.



For effective social branding, you need active, engaged, and loyal followers. Branded content entertains their followers and will teach them something, resulting in forming an emotional or rational attachment between the brand and followers. A loyal follower is a byproduct of satisfying services they received under your brand name. Social media will act as a reminder to those followers for further recommendations and major referrals. Blogs, videos, web series, articles, and even virtual reality are today’s branded content.



“Sometimes a picture speaks more than a thousand words put together”. This phrase is perfectly apt with social branding. Posting snaps, videos, and catchy logos create a striking and long-lasting impact on viewers.


Why is an attractive logo important?

An appealing logo makes the viewer strike a connection with the firm, which later becomes the foundation of your brand identity. It helps your followers to eliminate competition and foster brand loyalty.
For example,
This amazon logo was introduced in 2000

Amazon logo introduction - social media branding

It includes an arrow that replicates a smiley face which starts from the letter “A” to the letter “Z”. It’s a representation of satisfactory fulfilment of all the customer requirements from ‘A’ to ‘Z denoting prosperous growth and evolution of the tech giant. This logo contributed immensely to the company’s marketing strategy at that time as well.
There’s a misconception that visual content reaches more people than written content. According to Social Media Examiner’s survey of nearly 3000 marketers, written content resonates the most among marketers. So it’s equally important to have well-curated blogs, not only eye-candy pics.



An Indian school going boy is more likely to read a quote with Virat Kohli’s pic on it rather than Rabindranath Tagore’s.
Similarly, it’s important to understand to who you want to convey the information and understand the medium by which they are more likely to acknowledge. Reach out to them and expand your presence in their digital domain.



It’s very important to engage with your followers and over time it helps in increasing your brand loyalty. The greater the followers, the larger will be your influence on them. It’s also important to show that your ‘likes’ resemble your followers e.g following accounts of real people, celebrities, or businesses.
The right social media tools can give you the analytical answers you need to grow your brand. Track Facebook Page impressions, tally up Twitter link clicks, measure Instagram follower growth, evaluate LinkedIn engagement, and much more.



People associate others with their strongest personality traits. That’s what you remember about people and that’s what lingers on your mind. As a brand, it’s important to create and consistently display favourable personality traits to build familiarity among people. Brand loyalty is what matters, This ensures long-term engagement on social media naturally.

 A quick trick – It is believed that weekends are most ideal to post your presence on social media.

Within a brief period, your followers will see the consistency in posts and begin to recognize when a post is from you without seeing your brand logo or social media handle. This type of brand recognition is the highest peak for your social media branding efforts.


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