How much time does it take for SEO to show up the desired result?

SEO keyword ranking involves the collective methods to bring a website on the first page of Google search result, thereby fetching more traffic to the site. Any person approaching for an SEO service will have this obvious question regarding the time taken for the SEO to show up the desired result.

SEO keyword ranking is a process that has to be done continuously. It might take few or several months to get your site to the first page of Google depending on how competitive your chosen keyword is. It also depends on the frequency with which Google indexes your website. If your site is being crawled once a week or even lesser then it’s more probable that your site will be picked up quickly and it lot depends upon the new contents being added to your website. New contents can be added through

  • Blog
  • Press release
  • Product update
  • Fresh content

If there are no new contents on your site the crawl rate can become slow. There are ways you can tell Google that your site is updated frequently and those are:

  • Building links

It is good to get links from other sites with good domain ratings pointing to your site.

  • Press release

Google will index press release with judicious links easily.

  • Social mentions

Google+ updates and tweets are considered more quickly by Google.

  • Homepage

Rotating the contents through the home page by linking internally can get the site indexed fast.

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