How doorway pages effect ranking?

Doorway pages

Dodoorway pages in SEO created with the purpose of getting high rank for specific keywords or phrases in the search engine result page. Doorway pages are also generated for spam indexing, which means spamming the index of Google or other search engines for certain keywords with the intention of sending visitors to an unrelated or different page.

Doorway pages in SEO are usually bad for the users as :

  • They can bring the user to similar pages for each search result.
  • They may be lead the user to intermediate pages rather than the actual page and these intermediate pages won’t be of any use to the user.

The different examples of doorway pages include:

  • Multiple domain name or pages that are targeted for certain places or locations and lead the users to a common page.
  • Cloaking and redirection doorway pages that are generated with the purpose of leading the user to your site.
  • Content-rich doorway pages similar to the search result that requires you to take an extra step to get the information that you have actually searched for.

Effect of doorway pages

These sort of contents are considered spammy and although it may work for a short-term, in the long run it could spam your website.  Search engine and search engine users are looking out for good websites that contain valuable contents. So if you have a website properly optimized for relevant keywords, effectively written Meta tags and title tags, and great content, you don’t require a tricky doorway page to get visitors or rank high.

Note: In case if you are a franchise and has buildings at different locations Google says in its guidelines it is ok to have URLs dedicated to those locations as long as the information is unique, relevant and useful to the user.

How to check if you have a doorway page on your site?

It’s easy to check the presence of doorway pages on your site. You just have answered these questions yourself:

  • Is the information on the particular page useful to the user?
  • Is the user going to get the information he is looking for?
  • Are there no unnecessary steps for the user to take on this page?

If your answer is yes to all the above questions the page is definitely not a doorway pages in SEO.

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