Content marketing strategy

No matter what business, market or industry you are in there is one Content marketing strategy that again and again produces serious results in a powerful return on investment (ROI). It’s not social media, online advertising or SEO. Those are just tactics. It is also not twittered, Google analytics or video. Those are just tools. The strategy behind these tactics and tools is the commitment to consistently create quality content.

Power behind a content marketing strategy

The businesses that make creating and publishing quality content to the regular part of their routine are the ones that reap through the world of perception, increased brand awareness, increased customer acquisition, leadership, improved search engine rankings, overall decrease marketing costs and so on.

What is content marketing?

Anything you can think of to create for your customers can essentially be called content. This could be things like blog posts, articles, white papers, videos, infographics, podcasts, webinars and many more. Once you have your content produced, it’s time to work on distributing it, which you can go through a number of channels like email, social media, paid advertising, search engine optimization and so on. The point to remember is that content marketing is the two-part strategy- creation and distribution. Both ate necessary for a content marketing strategy to work.

How much content is enough?

Well, the strategy more is better certainly applies here. More also takes a lot of time. So the best thing to do is focus on quality over quantity. Next, choose 1 or maybe 2 channels to focus on and then producing high-quality contents on those is the first priority. Choose longer and less frequent content over shorter and more frequent content. People, social media and search engines tend to prefer longer-form content which usually provides more value. To produce these longer-form content should be your no1 goal. Lastly, if you are looking for a general guideline on how often you should create content once a week is a great strategy to shoot for. The most important point is to pick a publishing date and stick on to it. Your customers appreciate and expect consistency.

How to write great content?

Creating great content is part art and part science. The science comes from doing proper research, using the right tool for your audience and understanding your customers well enough to know what type of content they value the most. The art is in combining all of these to create powerful and effective pieces of content that educate, inform or entertain. The best way to write good content is to simply start where you are and next create content and then send it out to the marketplace and finally get feedback, tweak, edit for future content. Over time your content and company will find its voice.

Compounding value

Just like compounding interest the sooner you start creating contents, the sooner you will start benefiting from the power of compounding value. As u create and build up content over time you are building a valuable and powerful base of knowledge, information and resources. Once you create content, it’s yours forever and it works around the clock to build your business.