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What makes a great website?

First and the essential element that makes a great website is the content. Today’s day and age you need to engage with your audience and it starts with content. You’ve heard it before, right? Content is king, quality content. And what does that really mean?  You hear about the search engines, keywords, phrases, optimizing. Well, you know what? You need to think about your audience first. What is it that they want? What do they engage with? What can you to the table, right? So, it’s got to be relevant, it’s got to be themed, it’s got to be fresh. And, yes, optimized. But, you need to get the content right.

The second one here, which is critical, absolutely critical, is you need now to build a community, a social community. Social media is huge. And guess what? If you have great content, quality content, engaging content, the community will respond. If you develop that out there, and that can be in many formats, from blogs, text, audio, video, all of these things really allow people to grab and see you and engage back. It is going to be huge and this actually has a viral component.

The third one is capture leads. Now all of the above mentioned is meaningless if you can’t capture leads. But also note that when you do these things, you create authority, trust, rapport, and by the time you get there, you can ask them for their name and e-mail and you can actually nurture that relationship. Send them more information. Send tips, tricks, insights, news, updates, etc.

And the final one?  Well, we all want to make money and so monetization strategies. You probably have sales programs for products and services. Maybe you have a DVD home study course, teleseminars or webinars. They’re nothing without this final one here. It starts with a T. And we’re going to break this down for you real quick, and it’s this word, tracking. You’ve got to track it to see how it works. And to make sure that you actually have a component called Web Analytics in there. And that’s really one of the essential components of a successful website.

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