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Top 6 Ways to Promote your YouTube channel for more views

Promote your YouTube channel

Youtube is taking the world by storm and its influence on our daily lives only keeps increasing. Millions of individuals have made a rather steady income source out of Youtube yet a large number of people still have no idea how to make the most of this amazing platform. There are a lot of aspects associated with increasing your presence on Youtube and gaining the attention of your target audience. Uploading videos consistently does play a big role in getting more views, but that alone won’t do the trick. If you are someone who is looking for easy and quick ways to promote your Youtube channel, then keep on reading.


1. Keyword is your best friend

SEO is one of the indispensable parts of a good Youtube channel and optimizing your content with the right keywords can boost the visibility of your channel manifold. Adding Google-friendly keywords to your Youtube content can direct more views your way, as your content is now streamlined to focus on more specific topics rather than vague concepts. You can seek the help of Google Ads to find the right keywords for your video, along with other techniques like analyzing the rank of your keywords using SERP. If the results for your keyword show more written content than videos, then maybe try a different keyword and repeat the process. If all this sounds too much for you to handle, you can seek the help of a professional SEO company for the same.

2. Create eye-catching titles

We all know how important the title is for a Youtube video. People decide whether to watch a video or not, primarily based on the kind of title the video has. Creating catchy titles for your Youtube video can increase the views of the video to a large extent. Instead of creating a descriptive and lengthy title, it is always better to keep them crisp and short. Just as discussed before, do not downplay the importance of keywords in Your content. Include your keyword in the title so that it reaches the right set of audiences. But do not go overboard with the title by creating clickbait content. Focus on consistency rather than quick spurts of growth which are usually short-lived.

3. Do not forget the description

Individuals who are serious about creating a good reputation and career out on Youtube will make sure to create an efficient description that helps gain more viewers. Just like in the title, try to include the keywords at the beginning of the description. It is always a great idea to add timestamps into your description, which makes it easy for the viewers to navigate through your video. You get results according to the effort you put in, and this is especially true when it comes to the case of Youtube. The description is the one place where content creators can make the most out of the keywords, and they can also add the links to their other videos in the same place.

4. Create playlists and hook your viewers

Binge-watching has now become a custom for viewers and they would love to watch similar content if they are engaging and worthwhile. This is one of the instances where a content creator can make the most out of the situation. Create playlists of similar content that will play one after the other. This way, you can help the viewers discover your lesser-viewed videos and can also help increase the visibility of your channel. It’s quite easy to do, yet the results can be phenomenal.

5. Build a strong Social Media presence

It goes without saying that having a strong social media presence is imperative for the success of your Youtube channel. Almost all successful YouTubers have an active and well-functioning social media account through which they interact with their subscribers and increase the reach of their channel. Every time you upload a new YouTube video, you can post about the same on your social media account, which can then be shared with a larger audience. You can creatively share your posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin. It can increase the view of your content at a fast pace.

6. Thumbnail is a total game-changer

Most of us click on a YouTube video just by looking at the thumbnail. That is how big of a role an attractive thumbnail plays when it comes to increasing the views of your videos. Make sure to choose images in the right resolution and format. It makes sure that your thumbnail is well-placed. You can also use images that are in high contrast, to attract the viewers more easily.

Successfully running a Youtube channel is no child’s play. You need to be consistent, dedicated, and willing to go the extra mile. There are certain things that you can do, which can accelerate your journey, the most important of them all being SEO. Keywords, when used the right way at the right place can increase the number of people viewing your channel exponentially. It is always beneficial to hire a good SEO company that could guide you with the same, and can also help you promote your YouTube channel in a much easier way.

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