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Things to know about PPC campaigns

What is PPC?

Have you seen sponsored ads on the top of Google’s search engine result page?  Well, that is PPC Campaign or Pay-Per-Click advertisement. It is an online marketing method used to bring more clicks to your website rather than achieving them organically. Each time a visitor clicks on the ad, the advertiser has to pay a specific amount, hence the term Pay-Per-Click.

Search Engine Advertisement

Search Engine Advertisement is the most common form of PPC that allows the advertisers to advertise their company website on the sponsored link for the related keywords or phrases that users would search for in the search engine.

Building a successful PPC campaign involves researching the right keywords, setting up a perfect landing page for the ad and managing the campaign. If your ad campaign proves to be useful for the customers, Google shall reward you by charging you less for a click.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the tool developed by Google for creating advertising campaigns on Google search engine. Following are the types of ads that can be created:

  1. Search Ads

The list of ads that appear above the organic results on the search engine result page is called search ads.

In the above picture, the ones marked “Ad” are ads and the ones below it are the organic listings. Google considers many factors while determining the ad to place first. They are:

  • Location: Your ads shall be shown based on the location you choose. You can get precise locations based on your ZIP code as well.
  • Search term and keyword: Ads can be shown based on the term searched by the user and the keywords that you provide.
  • Search term relevance: Ads that are displayed for a search term should be relevant to the search term.
  • Landing page: Based on if the landing page met the visitor’s need.
  • Conversion rate: Based on the conversion rate.
  • Bid: If 2 websites have similar ads and landing pages, then the one that bids higher shall be on the top.
  • Quality score: Quality score depends on all the above factors like conversion rate, landing page quality, keyword relevance, etc.

  There are special ads in the search engine ad section and those are:

  • Call only Ads

These ads are for mobile devices that enable you to make a call as soon as you click on the ad rather than taking you to a landing page.

  • Dynamic Ads

These type of ads are used in case of well managed dynamic websites. The ad content and the landing page is taken from the website itself automatically. There is no need to add further contents or keywords to the ad.

  • App install promotions

Mobile app promotion ads are created to drive mobile app installs.

  1. Display Ads

You might have seen ads here and there in some website’s pages in different dimensions. These are display ads. Below is an image for your reference.

In these kinds of ad, the searcher may not exactly be looking for the ad offer. Google intelligently selects the websites to showcase these ads based on certain factors.

  • Keywords

Let’s say if an ad campaign is optimised for the keyword “web design and development”, then Google chooses those websites to contain the keyword “web design and development” in its content.

  • Placements

You can provide targeted websites in your ad campaign. Just look out for related sites that offer to advertise and add them to target.

  • Remarketing

This is specifically for targeting your existing website visitors and those potential customers who have left your site without taking action.

  • Topic

The advertiser can choose topics in the Adwords under which related websites are listed.

  1. Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are mainly for retailers and it can be displayed with the help of Google merchant centre.

  • Create a Google merchant centre account and link it with your Adwords account.
  • Update your products on Google merchant centre. Shopping ads would take details of your products from the merchant centre and display the ads relevant to the search.
  1. Video Ads

This allows an advertiser to run videos ads on YouTube and Google display networks.

  1. Universal app campaign

This is specifically for promoting across search, PlayStore, Display and YouTube. With the help of the information you have provided, Google itself designs ads in various formats.

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