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Instagram Marketing Strategies For Online Growth in 2021

6 instagram marketing strategies

Social Media is where the world connects with each other and discover their interests and likes. If you own a business, want to find your audience and connect with your customers that is where you should be. Instagram is one of the most prominent social media or social networks with about a billion users. It is a chance for every business to find people who are interested in what they offer and build a brand persona. Businesses also use social media sites like Instagram for building a loyal customer base and brand image.

Social Media sites are evolving and are trying to provide more engaging and interesting content to the users. Instagram has always stayed ahead in providing what its users want and has the option to create profiles according to the needs of the users. You can create a personal, creator, or business account on Instagram. Personal accounts are used by general Instagram users. Creative profiles are used by Instagram influencers and creators. Business profiles are used by brands and businesses. Each profile has its own set of features that meets the needs of the users. There are different ways in which you can boost your online growth using Instagram.


Set Up A Business Profile

If you are planning to have a successful online business, you need to get your own social media pages to interact with your customers. Getting a business Instagram account will let you use different benefits like Instagram Insights through which you can track and measure the performance of your KPIs like the number of followers, impressions, profile visits, demographic activities, clicks to website, etc. Your business account will be like the upgraded version of your personal account and feature your contact information like phone number, email Id, and address. You can schedule your posts to ensure regular user engagement. You can even set up an Instagram shop, provide a catalogue, and upload products. Users can buy directly through the app. For example, if you are a designer, you can upload your designs directly with price tags and let people buy through Instagram. An Instagram business account makes the business process easy for you and your customers.


Instagram Ads

Sponsored advertisements are the easiest and fastest way to reach people online on any social media platform. Instagram Ads are one of the most popular social media marketing strategies. Many small brands have been first found by users based on Ads. Instagram displays Ads to users that are relevant to them based on their searches, pages that they follow, and their interests. You have to keep planning campaigns, posts, and stories that encourage users to buy what you sell. You can also provide creative Ads with catchy CTAs to drive more traffic, find more customers and get more conversions.


Use Influencer Marketing

Influencers are famous personalities with a huge fan following and most probably will be experts in a specific niche. Instagram has plenty of influencers who are experts and can help you introduce your products and services to their followers. So, you can find an influencer related to the business that you do and ask for their help to market your product to reach people who have an interest in what you sell directly. For example, if you are a designer, you can ask an actor to wear your designs and endorse your brand. This is a common and effective form of social media marketing now.


Optimize Your Profile With SEO

Instagram and other social media also are search engines. They have algorithms that return the most relevant search result to a user according to the keyword that they search. You can optimize your Instagram page to get more organic traffic. To do Instagram SEO, you need to optimize your name, username, and bio according to the keywords related to your business and brand. You can also optimize your posts by using the right captions and hashtags to get more reach. Optimizing your profile includes everything from using the right profile picture to the username on Instagram, providing contact information, and a clickable URL to your website. Your bio should clearly mention what your business does.


Content Marketing

Providing fresh, unique, and interesting content is the key to getting more customers in whatever platform you are using. You have to understand your audience first and do proper research first. This includes finding the age group of the audience you are targeting, understanding the likes and dislikes of your audience, and giving them interesting and consumable content. Engaging your followers with good content and providing them it regularly is the most important part of content marketing. Instagram also allows you to provide interactive content to your customers. The different types of popular content that you can use to reach your customers on Instagram are reels, videos, quotes and text-based images, and user-generated content.


Interact and Engage

What makes social media sites like Instagram special is the amount of personalization that they give to businesses. They give businesses a human face and brand voice. So interacting and engaging with your customers is really important. Giving quick replies and services is an important part of it. The Instagram business account offers a quick reply feature in which you can send standard replies to user queries and keep them happy. If someone is unhappy with a product and comes and comments on your page you can provide them immediate replies and solutions. This can help in building trust.

The Bottom Line  

Social Media is where the world connects with each other and Instagram is a fast-growing and popular social media site that allows you to share pictures, videos and find their interests. Several Social Media marketing strategies have evolved recently that help brands create a personal connection with their users. Instagram is very popular and widely used by businesses to create a brand personality that is interesting to the users and build trust. Zomato is an example of a brand with a good Instagram marketing strategy. Social Media Marketing, especially Instagram marketing can help you complement your other online marketing strategies. So, use your Instagram page the right way by implementing the right digital marketing strategies.

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