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6 Digital Marketing Tips For Small Business

In the past two decades, there has been tremendous change in how people communicate. From postcards that came without fail during Christmas to video status on WhatsApp, the way people exchange ideas has changed drastically. 

It doesn’t matter much for a common man. Because these changes happen gradually and we never recognise them. But if you are a business owner, how people behave, spend time and communicate matters a lot. 

Because reaching people and getting their attention is crucial to generating leads and securing sales targets. 


What Changed?

In simple words, people are now hooked to the internet through their smart devices. The conventional modes of sending people by foot to meet people in their office chairs are still valid. But it is very less effective than it used to be.


New modes of marketing

In this internet era, you can sit in front of your laptop and still manage to reach your sales target without having to step out of the room. Platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are widely used as tools for business marketing as well as social engagement. 

This wider use of digital tools to generate leads, sales, profit, engagement etc is collectively known as Digital Marketing. There are many modes of digital marketing including email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, Ad campaigns and more. And there are many digital marketing experts who can help you with all the digital marketing services.


Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Not Everyone

A lot of people believe that Digital Marketing is just posting promos online. But it is the same as opening a shop and expecting people to come looking for us. The internet is a very wide market and there is tremendous competition to grab eyeballs. 

It is very important that we first decide on our target audience and plan accordingly. You won’t need English promos if you are catering to the local audience. Likewise, make sure that you identify and understand your target audience before spending a lot on Digital Marketing campaigns. 


Set Goals

There are many ways to reach people. The simplest one is by placing ads on where they spend time. Google, Facebook and other online platforms allow us to place ads on their search results or suggestions in exchange for payment.

Make sure that who, how and when you are planning to reach. Try to set goals you want to achieve and spend accordingly. Special promos during festive seasons can have a separate budget.


Customer Retention

It is hard to win customers. But it is even harder to retain them. Digital media makes it a lot easier for us to keep in touch with our existing customer base. Tools like email, WhatsApp and other messenger apps, follows on social media platforms etc can be used to keep the existing customers aware of new offers, products, discounts etc


Short Term Goals

The way the internet works, a lot of unpredictability is associated with online marketing campaigns. Make sure that you have subdivided your main target into short time goals like 1,000 likes in a month, 5,000 followers in 3 months, 10,000 subscribers in 6 months etc.

It is easier when we can focus on small achievements which will together pose as a great win for both the individual and the business.


Social Media

Social media has many definitions. But all that matters to us as digital marketing experts is that they are platforms where we can meet people, talk to them and keep in touch with them. Make sure that you keep the social media pages live and engaged. It is more than posting interesting content regularly. It is also essential that your customers read, share and react to them.


Brand Identity

Building a brand identity is no simple task. The art of making people recognise, adore and admire you on an online platform needs special skills and experiments. Trends come and go and we need to play by them. Make sure not to get into unwanted controversies and use well designed branding symbols like logos, banners, brochures etc


Colour scheme

An intelligent choice of colour/colours is essential in brand building. Use your colour scheme widely in your promo materials. Share freebies like t-shirts, mugs etc with your logo and brand colours. Make sure that people associate these colours with your brand.


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