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7 Tips to Boost Conversion Using Sales Copywriting


By using the right strategy to write and present the sales copy on your website, you will be able to boost conversions. Aligning your website copy and design is essential for any successful digital marketing. The sales copy must be well-written, properly formatted and positioned to engage your audience and turn them into customers. By perfecting your website copy, you can elevate your business and this article will teach you how to do that.


Speak Directly to the Audience

Address all the website visitors as if they are already your client and promise solutions to their problems. You employ ‘you’ as the pronoun you use throughout the website copy, this will motivate a website visitor to try out your products or services. Try to avoid speaking in the third person at all costs, this might alienate people from your website and the products you offer. With the help of digital marketing experts, you can craft the best copy.


Pay Attention to the Structure

The visual aspect of the text or sales copy impacts the user experience and has an impact on the conversion rates. So, it is critical to pay attention to the sales copy structure to boost conversion. The general guidelines you can follow to improve the readability of your text include, using the right fonts like Verdana, Arial, Lucida Sans, etc and ensuring the readability of the font.


Prioritise Customer Benefits Over Product Features

When you are trying to sell your products and services using the sales copy, you should not forget about what your clients need. So, highlight the customer benefits over product characteristics to write a conversion-boosting sales copy. Try to rewrite your product or service descriptions from the customer’s POV. This strategy works extremely well if you are trying to boost conversions.


Strive for Balanced Product Information

A balanced product information or sales copy requires the right balance between simplicity and detail. You should have a clear idea of what information your potential customers needs to hear from you. That information should steer your main or unique selling point but don’t let this crucial information overshadow other significant selling points.


Use the Right Emotion for Your Brand

Incorporating emotional marketing strategies have proven positive effect on consumer product perception and purchase decisions. You can upgrade your website copy using emotive words and concepts. Correctly addressing the right customer frustration will help you position your product or service as the perfect solution.


Properly Frame Your Product Promises

The website copy influences the customer experience. Thus properly framing your promises through the website copy is important. Ensure your unique sales copy is realistic, measurable and not vague, this will help potential customers understand your brand, products and services better and will motivate them to convert. By truthfully framing your product promises and outcomes your product will provide, your customer will have an informed and honest experience.


Make the Sales Copy Unique

Unique sales copy that differentiates your brand from its competitors is crucial for high conversion rates. Your sales copy should be able to call your attention to the things that your business does better than other businesses. It is should be super easy to perceive and placed in highly-visible spaces on your website.

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