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Delight Your Customers at The Bottom of the Marketing Funnel

Bottom of the marketing funnel

Reaching The Bottom of The Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel describes a buyer’s journey from the time they discover a business till they buy a product or service from them. Making the journey easy and engaging for customers is the aim of all businesses. Creating a marketing funnel helps businesses to take necessary steps at each stage of the customer journey to persuade them to take the final action to buy. The marketing funnel has evolved over time and in this age of digital marketing, there are many opportunities for businesses to use technology to guide customers in every stage of the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel has a non-linear structure as customers interact with the business at various points and may not take the ideal journey from discovery to conversion. But to make it easier to develop the right strategies, the marketing funnel is divided into three.

  • Top of the Marketing Funnel (TOFU) where businesses create awareness and where customers discover businesses.
  • Middle of the Marketing Funnel (MOFU) where customers consider and evaluate their options and research more about business. The businesses provide in-depth details that can convince prospective customers.
  • Bottom of the Marketing Funnel (BOFU) where the customer finally makes the decision to buy and businesses make the purchase experience easy and keep the customers happy.

At the top of the funnel, you have to create diverse digital marketing strategies to attract the right customers for your business. This stage is wider as you have to find your audience and generate qualified leads from the sea of people out there. Once the right audience finds you, you have to keep them engaged and build trust to convince them that you have the right solutions for their problems. Nurturing these leads and persuading them to go further down the funnel to take an action happens at the Middle of the Funnel. The size of the target audience decreases as we go down the funnel and reach the final stage called the Bottom of the Marketing Funnel. Here, we have people who are ready to take your service and who need validation to make that decision. So, you have to provide them a nudge using more strategies to take that action.

What Happens At the Bottom of The Funnel?

At the Bottom of the Marketing funnel, you have a very specific audience to target. Here, you have to provide focused content about the product and proof that it works. You can provide them with unique values and benefits of your products and services and how it is the best solution for their problem. You can also use this opportunity to create a sense of urgency or to upsell. Whatever tactics you use, you have to ensure that the customer feels happy about the purchase decision. You can segment your audience here based on their specific needs and directly market them to make the process more efficient. 

Bottom of Marketing funnel

The Bottom Stage of the Marketing Funnel can be further divided into three. First part is where the customer is ready to buy your product but has not done it yet. Here, you use marketing tactics that are closely aligned with the product and services that you provide, highlighting its benefits. You have to persuade them to make the final decision to buy the product. The second part is where the customer converts and actually makes a purchase. Here you have to provide them a fast and easy buying experience and create a feeling of fulfilment in them. Your customers have to be happy and inspired about choosing your product and services. This takes you to the third part where you delight your customers with offers, discounts and personalized services to provide them a best post-purchase experience. This maximizes customer retention by converting one-time buying experience into repeated buying experiences. You can use customer surveys, social media and review sites to get better insights into improving customer purchase experience.

How to Delight and Retain customers At The Bottom of The Funnel?

At the bottom of the tunnel, you have customers who are interested in buying your product and who are constantly engaging with your product and services. The bottom of the funnel is all about directly marketing to the customer about values of the product and services and customer relationship management. There are different marketing tactics that you can employ at this stage. 

Live Chats and Chat Bots

You can directly interact with your customers using live chats and provide solutions for their problems and answer their doubts. Using chatbots can make it easier for you to provide real time customer service 24×7.

Live Demos and Free Trials

Providing live demos and free trials can make customers understand the value of your service and products and how it benefits them. This can empower them to make informed and confident purchase decisions.

You can also provide product tools to create better user experiences.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be effectively used to provide a good post-purchase experience. You can use this with different marketing tactics to provide personalized and customized experiences, offers and discounts. 

Remarketing or Retargeting

The bottom of the funnel is also where you can use tactics to remarket or retarget your customers using tactics like display ads, emails, offers and discounts.


SEO and SEM can give you visibility. SEO can give you organic traffic and at this stage it involves tactics like long tailed keyword optimization. SEM can help you to retarget your customers using ads. The right advertisements at the right time can get you more conversions.

Loyalty Programs

The bottom of the marketing funnel is all about converting and delighting your customers.  Loyalty programs allow you to give personalized and special services to your loyal customers. There are different types of loyalty programs that can create you a loyal and trusted customer base. This also enables brand advocacy.

Create a Loyal Customer Base and Build Your Brand

If you are an eCommerce business, a customer who has added a product to his cart is at the bottom of the funnel.They just have to checkout and buy the product now. At this stage you need to provide a justification or a nudge to the customer to buy that product. This might be a discount coupon or an offer like a free delivery service that might make them buy the product. You can also create a sense of urgency at this point by providing a discount if you buy the product in 15 minutes. There is also an opportunity for upselling by showing them other services or products that they might need with the ones they are buying. You have to give a fast and easy checkout and buy experience. Make sure that you only collect the relevant details. Customers make their next purchase decisions based on the previous experience. So creating a good purchase and post purchase experience is important. This includes providing a good customer care service, fast delivery, collecting reviews and addressing customer concerns. You can use email campaigns and newsletters to inform your customers of new offers, sales and personalized services. You can make your brand superior to others by providing the best purchase experience to your customers and making them come back again for your services. Loyalty marketing can be used effectively to build your brand with trusted customers. You can use the different digital marketing strategies to make customer’s experience unique and delight them. You also have to create good customer relationship management(CRM) and user communities.
At the final stage, with the right tactics and strategies, you get happy customers who can be your advocates and ambassadors on the journey to your brand’s growth.


A digital marketing funnel helps you to assess and assist customer purchase journeys the right way. Once you have generated qualified leads and nurtured them properly, they reach the bottom of the funnel, at the final stage where they are ready to take the action. At this stage, businesses have to give customers an easy and delightful buying experience. Make sure to show gratitude to your customers for choosing you over competitors in this stage. This is also the stage where you have to retain the customers that converted by using different strategies. Retaining existing customers and remarketing can help you build a loyal customer base. You also have to make your customers feel happy about choosing your service so that they come to you again and refer your services to others. Thus by making your customers your ambassadors, you can go on to build a brand with a loyal customer base.

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