How to Adapt Your Marketing During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID 19 has changed people’s lives completely, and we have landed down in an era where before and after scenes are an entirely different scenario. Ranging from the smallest of things to the most significant industries and sectors, people have to adapt to changes for survival. Life is not easy as before and will continue to be the same until a cure method is lodged for this epidemic.


Business across the world is suffering and are adapting new transformations to adapt themselves to the new reality. Marketing strategy is the heart of any business, and it needs to be revamped at the same time to meet the customer needs and insights. Here in this guide, you will get a brief idea as to how you can go about with your digital marketing needs in the coming days to combat future losses.


Educational based training


Selling educational courses can also bestow on you an excellent opportunity during this crisis. Unemployment is an all-time problem, and with this issue hiking up these days, people are looking forward to better educational opportunities. Going back to college and enrolling yourself for a course can consume a few precious years and can be expensive at the same time too.

On the other hand, learning from videos from platforms like YouTube and other similar platforms is a lot easy and inexpensive. Thus online education platforms also have wide scope by offering courses, advice, etc. So sell your courses so that your potential customers can take a turn towards you to add on to their skills.


Add on some compelling content


Amidst the lockdown and the panic situation created worldwide, more and more people are considering spending maximum time at home. What next? People will surely have free time in the coming months until this pandemic slows down its potency.

In such a scenario, brands can take advantage and can add some highly informative content on their websites to deliver the right potion of encouragement and support for people who are looking for it. This is a time to experiment, and you can come up with all sorts of ideas and try out escapists experiments to relaunch your websites, taking it to the next level.


Paid Advertisement management


If your business is such that it is able to search a good amount of sales during this dark hour, then emphasising on paid advertisements can help you in more significant ways. Many brands have reduced their PPC spending’s due to the current scenario, and thus, smaller retailers have a chance to hike their conversions and impressions during this time.

So you can take a look at your budget and strategies in association with today’s landscape to eye on the focus areas. But make sure that your paid campaigns stay sensitive as per the current situation. Focus on things that can build trust, genuineness, and can add value for your potential customers.


Go digital


With the coronavirus taking a toll on pupils’ overall health and mental well-being, contactless deliveries and social distancing have become a major adaptation to flatten the Corona curve. In such a crisis, it is essential that you go digital and revamp your yesteryear transactions to online and contactless transactions.


Also, look out for ways in which you can use more apps and other mobile services to deliver your customers all that they need from you. Telemedicine, tele-delivery, there are a lot of things that you can bring into practice to fight this battle. But amidst all this, there may be a few who may wish to hear a human voice to gain trust, so be prepared to offer such services.


Selfless help


Try giving out things for free. Many of you might be wondering how such an act can help when the market is all down, and people are falling short of money. But you need to understand that any initiative that is meant to help out people in such a pandemic situation is really appreciated. This will further earn you more visitors and traffic, which may serve you right in the long run, reaping some indirect benefits.


You can consider offering more and more free trails, a major number of people who opt for free trails may not convert themselves as a paid user. Still, it is a common trend that the more number of free trials you encounter, the more are the chances of getting paid customers. So keep doing the good work and keep helping people at this hour of need where humanity needs to be at a top spot. And slowly, these free giveaways will bless you with benefits and profits.


Test different platforms


This is a time to experiment as said above, look out for ways in which you can reach out to your customers so that they can place their trust on you. With the online activities gaining a boom these days, newer platforms are stirring the air to make things easier for a digital transformation.

Hosting Instagram live sessions, watch parties, video conferences, there is a lot that you can try to trigger positive engagement with your customers. This will help your business to attain a stronger hold over your clients and will also help you to bounce back on the top spot once this pandemic ends.




With a daily increase in the number of coronavirus cases, the upcoming few months are going to be scarier and worse. All you may need to do is practice social distancing and use precautionary measures to save yourself from the wrath of the COVID 19 pandemic. But if you are a business owner, staying indoors and doing nothing is not an option; you need to put efforts to come out stronger, transforming your business digitally to make a change during this state of extreme distress. So think about using the above strategies at its best and plan ahead to tick all the right boxes of marketing your business via Techpullers, the top digital marketing company in kerala during this pandemic stress.

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