What is web analytics?

Web analytics is all about collecting the data from your website. These data can then be used to get the insights about your business. There are lots of web analytics tools.

Web analytics can provide you data in 3 different ways:

  1. Metrics

A “metric” is basically something that you can count like the “unique visitors” and the “time spend on site”. You can measure the progress of your goals with the metrics. If you are someone who wants people to read your blog, you can review the number of people who visited your blog or the amount of time they spend on it.

  1. Conversion

When someone places an order, fills out a contact forum, downloads the location of your business or does something which you would want them to do, then they are considered to be converted as your customer. This factor is called conversion.

Web analytics tells you if the “conversion rate” changes based on where the visitors came from, whether they have been there before or the type of device they are using.

  1. Dimensions

Generally, a dimension is something you are tracking like the device type used by visitors, geographical location, browser type, etc. By analysing the metrics and relating it to the dimensions you can get very specific details like “which devices are people making use of to convert easily on a website?” So by knowing the details like on which devices are driving you more conversions, you can get an idea of where you have built on and where to improve as well.

Tracking specific goals with web analytics

Web analytics can give you numerous data. But to make of these data wisely you have to set your specific goal. That way you can set your analytics to track the data that really matters your goal.

Conversion is the term used to describe the process when someone completes your set goal. Sometimes the number of visitors to your site or the time spent by a visitor on your site is really not enough to measure your goal. For tracking goals, your analytics can be set for recording specific things like the people who downloaded your contact details, those who filled your online form, or those who subscribed to your newsletter, etc.


Analytics can measure any type of online marketing and the journey of your website visitor. It highlights things where you are doing well and where you go to improve.

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