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The increasing usage of online devices and websites has opened ways to another strategy of digital marketing called Search Engine Optimization. The expectations of online clients have changed significantly throughout the years. A couple of years back, people never considered or didn’t have any thoughts regarding what to expect from the internet. At present, most people depend on search engines to resolve their queries.


Search engine optimization is a method where you can optimize your website for better ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The expansion of the online environment has made it essential for the business to concentrate on search engine optimization and user experience simultaneously.


New trends and statistics pointing that search engine optimization and user experience is a viable method for expanding the lead and revenue of your business by driving organic traffic to your website. It is discovered that around 67.60% of the clicks made from the top five results on the first page of search engine page results. To increase the position of your website to this top five results of the first page for a particular keyword, you need to have optimized websites with great user experience.


It is accepted that Google’s algorithm considers about  200 different factors to rank a web site. As the beliefs of customers and search engines towards a website changed a lot over time because user experience has become an important part of SEO as well.


The role of User experience and SEO in helping a business to succeed:


  1. Makes you stand out –The online platforms are getting more crowded as each day passes over. Many businesses have realized the necessity of search engine optimization and they started to apply the same methods for their websites. It is easy to make a website but it’s not very easy to bring your website in the top pages in order to get more leads.

Many companies are trying to search engine friendly websites, but it’s difficult to stay ahead of their competitors. But a fully optimized UI offers an outstanding user    experience, that will definitely help you to stay ahead of your competitor. If your      visitors  are impressed with the experience, which your website is offering, there are  chances that users will think that it’s comfortable to return your website when a need arises.

  1. Assists you to gain search engine attention –Search engines like to rank websites that give their users with unique content and offer them a fantastic user experience as well.

A few years back, the whole thought of SEO was to just increase the keyword density of the page with targeted keywords to make the search engine recognize that this website has something to offer to the user or searcher.But those days have gone, Now the search engine got smarter, and this methodology was not enough to get the attention or consideration of search engines. At present, the search engines prefer to rank only the websites that provide some quality content to its users instead of some websites having a lot of its targeted keywords filled into the pages. Along with this nowadays google considers the high load speed, less bounce rates,fully-optimized content, high domain authority, and trust.


Wrapping Up


Every business who are concerned about their digital and online strategy should focus on making designs that fit the SEO standards as well. Continuously align user experience and search engine optimization  (SEO)strategies instead of working on them separately to deliver better outcomes. Please make sure to follow the points mentioned above to have an excellent search engine ranking and online visibility. At the same time very important to monitor the performance of your website by using the tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search console and make the upgrades to the sites based on the information collected by the help of these tools to further boost your website


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