5 Website issues that are nightmares to a SEO

Being an SEO is not an easy job and when certain website issues arise, it will give them sleepless nights. The saddest part is that most of the issues are trivial which can be easily avoided if a little care is taken. Here are the 5 most common website issues that usually give nightmares to even an expert SEO.

When no records are kept

One of the most important parts of an SEO’s job is to keep records. When no records are kept, trouble arises. Search Engine Optimization cannot be strictly called Science. But the job demands a systematic method of functioning. While doing the job, records should be kept about the web pages that attract maximum traffic. SEO job involves testing and records have to be kept based on the performance of the web pages. Otherwise, it will lead to serious problems in the course of the website development processes.

When the website refresh is a complete fail

It is one of the common issues an SEO faces. Most of the time a website reloading goes terribly wrong and the users will leave the site bewildered at the numerous 404 errors in the site. In certain cases, the website owner may not even make sure that the website is visible to the audience and the website may completely lose its original URLs, making it not visible.

A website designer should always look to preserve index URLs and should also check the 301 redirects that will preserve the rank and visibility of the site. For this, you should definitely hire an SEO expert.

Link buying

Link building is a crucial part of an SEO job. But in certain cases we may buy links that do not have any real value and such links may even call for a penalty. So you should be careful while buying links.

Thinking SEO is the only source for driving traffic

It’s a known fact that Search Engine Optimization will definitely drive traffic. But an entrepreneur should not completely depend upon it. He should also try other strategies of marketing such as traditional advertising, social media networking, digital marketing, referrals etc. SEO is a long term process and keeping all our hope in it without trying other sorts of advertising methods is foolishness.

Obtaining an SSL

You definitely can obtain an SSL certificate. But when your website is changed from HTTP to https, you must ensure to apply redirects and change the settings in Google console. This task, if not done properly your website traffic to the new URL will dip as Google consider the two websites are different ones.

The above are the most common website issues faced by an SEO and we hope that this article will be helpful when you relaunch your website or switch to SSL.

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