Why Quality Backlinks Are Important for SEO?

Backlinks play the most important role in Search Engine Optimisation, i.e., SEO. However, it is not the only thing that falls under SEO but it indeed covers the major part of it. The backlinks are also known as inbound links that are directed towards your website. Your website is considered to be relevant if and only if it has a lot of inbound links coming in and the backlinks that redirect to that website come from the reliable sources. If you search for the major ranking factor for a website to rank higher in Google, the only answer you will get is the high-quality backlinks.

It’s necessary to know about backlinks and similarly about Good and Bad Backlinks. The Good backlinks are the major reason for a website to rank, whereas the BAD backlinks can equally be a reason for a website to fall and get penalties.

In this article, we will explain to you what a backlink is, what are the types of backlinks and why they are important in SEO?

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links which are coming to your website from other sites. Hence it is also called Inbound Links. In other words, when a web page or website has a clickable link or a hyperlink that redirect to your website is called a backlink. When your website has a large number of backlinks which are from the reliable sources, then your website will be considered as trustworthy and relevant in Google’s sight which in turn provides high ranking by Google.

High-quality backlinks are those links that are coming from the websites which are having high Domain Authority and Page Authority and have some relevance to your content.

What are the types of backlinks?

Basically, there are two types of backlinks:

  • Do-follow Backlinks
  • No-follow Backlinks

Let’s know the types in detail.

Do-follow Backlinks:

If a website links to another website naturally without giving the no-follow tag, then it is considered as a do-follow backlink. Do-follow backlinks pass link juice to the website which helps it rank faster in search engines like Google. By default every link that is given to any website is do-follow.

Search engines crawlers like Google crawlers and Googlebot follow do-follow links. In other words, they continue to crawl other pages they discover through standard links and redirected to the page the link has been given to. By understanding which web pages are often linked to, the search engines can determine how highly websites should rank in search results. Thus do-follow links are vital in SEO.

No-follow Backlinks:

The other type of backlinks are called no-follow backlinks which contain no-follow tag and no-follow is an HTML attribute which is used to instruct search engines bots not to follow such links while indexing.

When a webpage is crawled by Google crawlers, they ignore the links with no-follow tags and does not crawled the linked website through that link. Thus no-follow backlinks are not relevant in SEO and page ranking.

Why backlinks are important?

The search engines like Google measures the relevancy of a website through the number of quality backlinks a website has. The more backlinks your website have the higher will be your website’s ranking in Google.  When a webpage is linked several times by other pages then Google considers that it may have the quality which is the main factor of backlinks.

Besides, when a website gives backlink to your website, it passes link juice to your page which helps your website rank higher on the search engine.

In Search Engine Optimisation, creating backlinks provides organic traffic to the website which emphasise the other benefit of inbound links. As mentioned above, Google gives more priority to the pages that have a higher number of quality backlinks, always remember that the quality of your backlinks are more significant than the quantity.

Other than these factors, the backlinks in SEO also provide faster indexing of websites. You know, the websites with a higher number of backlinks are indexed faster by Googlebot compared to others.

How to create quality backlinks?

Now it’s clear that why backlinks are important in SEO and search engine ranking. Similarly, it’s necessary to know about how we can create the quality of backlinks which helps your website to rank faster and higher in search engines.

Through many ways you can create good-quality backlinks and some of the main methods are given below:

  • Blog commenting
  • Guest Posting
  • Web Directory Submission
  • Forum Page Discussions

All the above mentioned methods makes high quality backlinks when you follow the following key points also:

  • Choose sites with high Domain Authority (or DA which is a vector scale ranges from 1 to 100)
  • Choose relevant websites.
  • make sure the blogs you drop comments are related to your niche
  • Add comments which adds the value of the content.
  • Give quality and unique content.
  • Create high quality info graphics

After reading this article I think, now you get a clear picture about backlinks and its importance.  Now you can create good quality backlinks and rank your websites faster.

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