Now the Internet is the primary source of information.  Keywords and phrases are typed into a search engine on a computer or mobile device, and the vast volume of information is presented to the consumer. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. According to  SEO Company Kerala, Search Engine Optimization involves a number of activities that businesses can implement to achieve the first position in search engine rank results. Both on-page and off-page ranking factors can affect a website’s or web page’s search engine rankings. On-Page SEO involves a number of elements which help make your site more search engine friendly. On-Page Optimization in seo 2020 refers to the optimization activities performed on the website itself. On page SEO is also known as off page SEO.

These are common on page optimization task:

  1. Unique, Accurate Page Titles: A title tag describes the topic of a particular page to web page visitors as well as search engine crawlers. So having proper title tags for each web page in a website is very important to attain web traffic.
  2. Proper Meta Tag Descriptions: Meta tags give search engines a summary of web pages. Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide explanations of the contents of web pages. Search engines usually use the Meta description to describe pages.
  3. Optimization of URLs: Uniform resource locator is a web address. The URL of a webpage should be relevant, consistent and easy to read. A visitor who sees only the URL. So it the reasonable understanding of what he or she can expect to see on the page.
  4. Optimization of Content: Good quality content influences the overall SEO of a website. The content should contain important keywords because the content should be created primarily for the users. So we have to use keywords that are typed by search engine users.
  5. Optimization of Images and Videos: Search engines cannot read the content of an image or video. So the file name is important. Filename should be a description of the image or video content. At the same time, we have to include keywords too.
  6. Ease of Navigation: Easy navigation helps not only the visitors but also the search engines to find and understand the relevant contents.
  7. Use of Heading Tags: A site having H1, H2, and H3 tags are likely to rank better than a similar site without heading tags. From all of these, H1 tag is the most important tag and it should contain a relevant keyword.
  8. Use of robots.txt: Using robots.txt, file can prevent a search engine spider from crawling through a website.

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