Instagram marketing in 2020

Here is the full list of Instagram marketing in 2020

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags are the number one method through which you can get more reach on Instagram. It is found out that the posts with more than 11+ hashtags are likely to get more engagements on Instagram. So how do you find the relevant hashtags?

  • Find out the hashtags your competitors use. Apply the same ones to your posts.
  • Webstagram is a place where you find the 100 most popular hashtags. Check out
  • Use long-term hashtags that are less popular to remain on the top of the search for those hashtags.
  • Include hashtags in the comment section of your old posts. You can see those posts booming and followers rolling in.

Note: Hashtags is an easy way to promote your post, but make sure to use only the relevant ones that suit your products, services or brand. Otherwise, you may see an increase in your post engagement for some time but there won’t be any conversions.

Host contest

Host photo contest to engage followers and expand brand reach. The 3 main types of contests held in Instagram are “Like to win”, “email-gated” and “hashtag UGC (user-generated-content). According to Neil Patel, the first two are less participative and the third one i.e. launching a UGC is the most recommended. Inviting and encouraging your followers to develop a visual content will strengthen your bond with them. Collect relevant posts around a theme and ask your followers to submit the photos with a contest specific hashtag.  Search for the previous contests held out by your competitors on  Iconosquare. After finalizing the contest promote it on Facebook, through email marketing and guest posting.  Once the contest ends you should display the winners’ name on your facebook page for building trust and more engagement. Apps like Wishpond helps you with managing larger contests.


Express yourself with the help of emojis and gain more followers by connecting with them in a deeper way. You can use emojis in your bio, call to action and comment section. The research found that when Instagram began allowing its users to hashtag emojis, single-use emojis were hashtagged 6.4 million times within a month of their launch. Furthermore, half of the top 20 most hashtagged emojis are smileys.

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