The importance of email marketing

The analysis report from shows that 33% of people have made a purchase based on the email they received without not even opening it. Small and medium businesses rate social media and search engine optimisation as the 1st and 2nd most effective digital marketing methods respectively. The 3rd position is for email marketing that accounts for 35% share of small business respondents.

Email marketing study reports an ROI of 44:1 in 2016. It is plain and cheap. It is also cheap in terms of time, unlike the social media where daily or hourly performance is recommended. Gathering customer email addresses is essential and it offers numerous opportunities to expand the scope of interaction with your client.

Constituents of successful email marketing

  • You should use a reputable email service provider. It provides easy access to click rate or open rate and automates signups in specific segments. Email marketing through Gmail or outlook can get your account blacklisted.
  • You have to be consistent on delivering emails if you are setting expectations for your clients. You should be regular with weekly specials, newsletters or service follow-ups.
  • Make sure that the layout you choose for emails should be mobile friendly. Pick a layout that works well on mobile devices and stick to it. The content in the layout should be crafted well, as it’s the contents that matter more than the design of the layout.
  • Include an email signup button on your website.

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