Advanced Google Search queries you ought to know

these are the main google search query in SEO

  1. Use minus sign if you are not interested in the results with specific words that generate a lot of results for the term you are searching for the google search query. For example, you want to look out on google search query for “jaguar” excluding the “jaguar car” then just search for “jaguar –car” and you will get the results of a jaguar that excludes the jaguar cars.
  2. Let’s say a lot of people are mentioning your brand, but they are not linking back to you. You can do a Google query where you should type in “intext: brand name” (the brand name refers to the brand name you are searching for). By doing it, you can get to see all the people who are mentioning your brand throughout their content and you can see which ones are not linking back to your site and maybe ask them for a link. It is a simple way to get more links which will boost your search engine rankings.
  3. A lot of times when you do a Google search, you are going to get results from random web pages that just talk about your subject and not really in much depth. But if someone mentions your keyword within the title of their page, you can do a Google search with “intitle:keyword”, and it will only show you results that only has the specific keyword on its title of the page.
  4. To view all the URLs containing a specific keyword all you have to do is Google “inurl:keyword”. This is really useful let’s say you are starting a campaign and you want to see what your competitors are offering in your space. Now you could see all of their pages and you could use this to create a better offer than them.
  5. Google “site:yourURL”, you will see a list of pages that Google has indexed from your site. This really useful because if you create 1000’s of pages and Google only has a 50 or 100 index then you should check your Google search console to figure out why they are not picking up all of your pages.
  6. Let’s say your domain is and to see who is talking about other than your own website because if you just Google tourpacks, it’s probably going to show your own website first. Google “tourpacks” to see results from all over the web excluding your own website.
  7. You can do a query in Google saying “realted:yourURL”and Gogle will show you all other websites that they feel are related to yours and they are pretty much your competitors at least in the eyes of Google.

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