Google Manual penalty

Google has the right to apply manual penalties to the sites that violate the Google webmaster guidelines. These Google manual penalty may range from barely noticeable to disastrous for a website. The reason, as well as the scope of these penalties, are numerous.

Google communicates to a site’s webmaster through the Google Search console. It sends notifications called “warnings” to the relevant sites through Google search console, when it detects any violation of the webmaster guidelines.


When the Google reviewers discover that your site is not compliant with their quality guideline you will receive a manual action notice mostly send for the below reasons:

  1. Presence of unnatural links to and from your website
  2. If your website is hacked
  3. If your website is pure spam
  4. Presence of User-generated content spam
  5. Thin or irrelevant content
  6. Presence of structured markup
  7. Presence of hidden text or Keyword stuffing
  8. Cloaking or sneaky redirects penalty
  9. Spammy structured markup
  10. Spammy free host


Google manual penalty

The common type of penalty that is related to the content is the “thin content pages” which occurs mainly for:

*The ad targeted business listings that don’t contain any relevant and useful information.

*Curated link pages without any other information.

*Doorway pages with poor backlinks with the only aim of obtaining traffic and conversion.

If you face any such issues with the content, you have to sort out all the pages of poor quality and take immediate actions like improving your page’s content, using 301 redirects or canonicalization to pages of high quality or noindexing these pages with meta robot noindex.

The links from the following can also cause penalty:

  • * Web directories
  • * Article submission
  • * International links
  • * Bad anchor text mix
  • * Coupon codes
  • * Poor quality widgets
  • * Affiliate links

You check out on a day to day basis to avoid such bad quality links and penalty related to the presence of such links. In certain cases, you may use the Google disavow tool to remove such bad quality links. Check out how and when to use the Google disavow tools for more information.

Soon after you implement changes to make sure your website complies the Google webmaster guidelines, you should submit a reconsideration request.

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