What Not To Do After a Major Google Algorithm Update

It seems that Google changes its algorithm 500-600 times a year. Some of these algorithm updates are major ones and some are minor or unnoticeable. Here we discuss on what not to do after a major Google algorithm update.

In the past two years the two major algorithm changes that affected the modus operandi of the SEO were the possum (updated on September 1st 2016) and Penguin (updated on September 23rd 2016). The other updates that caused a lot of stir in the SEO operation were Caffeine and Vince (2009), Panda/Farmer (2011), Exact-Match Domain or EMD and Penguin (2012), and Pigeon (2014).

The first thing not to do after a major algorithm update is panic. Google never gives the exact details of any algorithm update on any of it forums. For example during the Penguin algorithm update in 2014, the two statements they shared was that “Penguin is now real time” and “Penguin is now more granular”. So before getting this information, it is unnecessary to theorize on what changes this update would bring about.

The next thing we would recommend not to do is to make sudden changes to your site soon after an algorithm update. Wait for days or even weeks to see if your site has been impacted by the algorithm update. If you have done SEO the right way, then it’s more probable that your site might not get affected by such updates. .Google mainly focuses on giving its customers the correct search result based on high-quality links and contents on the site, and other factors. By these updates, they primarily aim to crush the black hat SEO practices. So wait and see, before you proceed to make any changes on your site.

Now if you have realised that your site requires some adjustments after major updates, then you could be confused on where to start with. Checking out on the Webmaster master blog is a great way to start off the quite perplexed job. You can also rely on other trusted columnist and writers who work on algorithm updates. Read through, find out what the update was meant to target and make necessary changes.

Finally, the most important thing is to do SEO rightly. We might not know the major factors Google uses to rank in the search result, but we know one thing that it primarily focuses on giving the best answers its users’ query. So, quality is what matters the most.

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