What is domain authority and how to improve your site’s DA?

What is domain authority?

Domain authority or DA is a score developed by Moz to determine the ranking ability of a website on the SERPs. Domain authority scores range from 1-100. A higher domain authority indicates the greater ability of the website to rank. DA is represented on a logarithmic scale, so it is difficult to grow your score from 60 to 70 than from 20 to 30.

How is the domain authority calculated?

Domain authority is calculated based on linking root domain, the total number of links, Moz rank, Moz Trust and several other factors.

What are the uses of domain authority?

  • Domain authority score helps to compare websites based on their ability to rank in the SERPs.
  • It also is used to track the ranking ability of a website over time.

Where can you view the Domain Authority of a website?

Domain authority can be viewed from a number SEO based platforms on the web. It is available on AhrefsOpen Site Explorer, Moz Bar, etc.

Is there any good domain authority?

Domain authority is basically a metric used for comparing the ranking ability of websites based on the quantity and quality of link profiles. So there is no such definite good or bad DA score.

New websites are usually given a DA of 1. As the number of the quality links on your site increases so does the domain authority. Highly branded sites have a domain authority of 40 or more. So it is quite tough to compete with such sites.

What is the difference between domain authority and page authority?

The difference between domain authority and page authority is that the former is used to predict the ranking ability of a domain or subdomain as a whole whereas the latter is for particular pages in the domain.

Both Domain authority and page authority are computed based on the number of links, linking root domain, Moz Trust, Moz rank, etc.

How to improve your website’s Domain Authority?

The best way to improve your domain authority is to focus on your overall SEO mainly by developing the link profile which influences the Moz Trust and Moz rank. The external links from high quality and relevant sites that are capable of giving good link equity can increase a website’s DA. Apart from external links, a good internal link structure should help in ranking.

Moz indexes and updates the Domain Authority score mostly once a month. So it can be quite frustrating for you to depend on DA as a factor to determine the status of your link profile if you are someone doing a lot a link building. To know more about domain authority check out https://moz.com/blog/link-count-metrics.

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